NCIS Season 14: This is how Bishop revealed her lover in NCIS’ latest episode

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Bishop revealed her lover in NCIS’ latest episode
Bishop revealed her lover in NCIS’ latest episode

Ellie Bishop revealed her lover in NCIS’ latest episode. The character finally came clean after a week of speculation about her supposed boyfriend in the popular TV series. Initial theories put Nick and Duane in the short-list, but it took Thanksgiving to reveal the identity of her “secret.”

The recent episode Enemy Combatant shed more light on her family with her guests joining in the celebration. Appearing were Bishop’s brothers Jesse Bradford, Jesse Johnson and Ryan Doom who all had a hand in their sister’s revelation.

Finally! Bishop revealed her lover in NCIS’ latest episode

The episode also saw Bishop confessing to Gibbs that she had broken Rule 12 which states: “don’t date coworkers.”

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“Listen, Gibbs, I don’t want to lie to you anymore,” Bishop opened to Rule 12’s author. “I wanted to tell you earlier, but I didn’t know how to say it, and then more time passed…. I broke Rule 12.”

“At first we were just good friends, and then a few months ago it turned into something more,” she added. “And I won’t apologize for it — not because that would break another rule, but Gibbs, I like him. A lot.”

Gibbs’ response to the admission was fairly simple.

“Took you long enough.” And so was Bishop’s response: “That’s it…?”

After Gibbs’ Thanksgiving greeting, Bishop left for home where her three brothers were waiting. The three meatheads were busy watching football glued to the couch. At that point Bishop read them the riot act for egging Jake’s car and incessantly butting in on her personal life. They eventually agree that she should be more open with her personal life and to start trusting her decision-making.

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And then, finally Bishop revealed her lover in NCIS’ latest episode, who was none other than Qasim Naasir. Fans would remember his first appearance in Season 12, and who also helped the team with some Pashto translation.

“Thank God. We thought it was Gibbs,” was Oldest brother George’s reaction. And probably for thousands of other fans.

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