Netflix in November: What’s coming and what’s saying goodbye

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Netflix fans who might be wondering what’s in store for this merry and scary month of November will be happy to hear that the streaming service will have more original series this month. However, there are also those that are saying goodbye.

To break the bad news first, E.T., xXx, and Almost Famous will say goodbye next month. The Boondocks and Shameless will also get the axe and make their bow from Netflix.

Those who love the series should not feel bad because there are new things coming up including the Netflix original, “The Crown” and “Gilmore Girls.” Jon Favreau’s remake of the Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book” is also coming this November; thus, it’s not really a bad deal.

“The Crown” will debut on November 4 and will focus on the life of the young Elizabeth II who has just gotten married while being given the responsibility of ruling a kingdom. It will also delve into his relationship with Winston Churchill and her husband, Prince Phillip.

“Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life,” on the other hand, will debut on November 25. It is a four-part miniseries which continue the life of Rory, played by Alexis Bledel, and her mother Lorelai, played by Lauren Graham, as they go about their lives in their little town of Stars Hollow,Connecticut. It is some sort of a reunion for the whole cast as everybody will be there with the exception of Melissa McCarthy.

November 1 is full-packed with a mix of Halloween movies, animation, and romantic comedies. Headlining the pack is Stephen King’s Thinner together with Cujo, The African Queen, and Tales from the Darkside: The Movie. There’s also The Doors, The Heartbreak Kid, and Thomas and Friends.

That’s just the beginning as November is filled with a variety of shows. Those who love K-Pop will even have a fill of them. And before November says goodbye, viewers will be treated by selections like Level Up, Ghost Team, and I Dream Too Much.

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