Netflix October 2016: Platform to go educational; However, it’s not about school

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Remember those old-school educational films the teacher used to present her lessons using a projector? Netflix is following suit with its own “educational” video. However, it is not about school but rather a delightfully entertaining compilation of some of its hit series.

The video, titled “Rules for the Modern Woman,” is part of Netflix’s She Rules campaign presents some of the most powerful women from different Netflix programs. It talks about the proper way how a lady should act in today’s society, including how to make her man happy and how to argue demurely.

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It was created in the style of old school videos complete with the crackling sound of the projector, classical music in the background, and the grainy quality of those old videos. There is a voice-over in the background which enumerates the outdated ideas on how a woman should act.

The video begins with the narrator asking “What kind of woman do I want to be?” Then, clips of different women from Netflix shows are flashed along with the described characteristic the narrator describes. What’s hilarious is that the clips shown are the complete opposite of what the narrator is saying.

Some examples include Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) speaking to a man while she is sitting on a toilet with her pants down. This is flashed as the narrator says how a proper lady should conduct her conversation with a man. The narrator then delightfully points out how the “fellow” has been captivated.

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In another scene, it shows Piper (Taylor Schilling) from Orange is the New Black looking at an English muffin with a tampon sandwiched in between as the voice-over says that a proper lady serves her guests the best from her pantry.

The last part shows snippets from other shows as the narrator tells viewers that if “you never forget your place and your manners, the world will always be your oyster.”

The ad campaign was created by Joan, a newly launched creative agency. The video is an extension of the She Rules video which Netflix presented during the Emmy awards.

Photo Courtesy: Totally Kate Website/ Flickr

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