Netflix’s The Ranch Rumors: As Wilmer Valderrama joins the cast, will the rest of That ‘70s Show alums takeover the show: Danny Masterson confirms

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The Ranch
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If you haven’t forgotten about those meddling kids from the hit comedy show, That ‘70s Show, then this news will sure make you jump for joy. Netflix’s The Ranch is an original comedy series starring two of That ‘70s Show’s alums, Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson.

The Ranch was launched April of this year. It revolves around two brothers, Colt (Kutcher) and Rooster (Masterson) and their exploits attempting to run their family ranching business.

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According to Entertainment Weekly, the second half of season 1 will premiere on Oct. 7 and it contains a total of 10 episodes. In the second part, a new character by the name of Umberto will be introduced. Wilmer Valderrama, another actor from That ‘70s Show, will play the new character.

“When he came in, he was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m a little nervous,’ and it was really fun to see him like remembering to wait for the laugh and the whole [sitcom] thing,” said Masterson. “But honestly, after like two rehearsals, it was like he had never left the set of That ‘70s Show. He knew every moment when to get huge. He got huge laughs on things that weren’t even that funny, just because his timing is so good.”

Umberto is characterized as a brother to both Colt and Rooster who they haven’t seen in many years. He decided to go back to Garrison after leaving a job at a Montana ranch.

In an article published by Huffington Post, the success of the show might have rooted to Kutcher and Masterson’s relationship as actors, as well as individuals. The two basically grew up together on the set of That ‘70s Show and their chemistry have long been established.

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With this development, will the fans see more of That ‘70s Show alumni joining The Ranch? Masterson thinks so.

“When we find a role that’s right for somebody that we think is very funny and very talented and is a lot of fun to work with, then they get the first call,” said Masterson, speaking about his fellow That ‘70s Show alums. “We’ll get them all eventually.”

Photo courtesy: theranchnetflix/Instagram

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