The Night Of Season 2 Spoilers: HBO in advance negotiation with Richard Price and Steven Zaillian for another season; Season 2 could feature same story as Criminal Justice Season 2

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The Night Of
The Night Of

The Night Of Season finale arrived at a conclusion with the trial of Nasir “Naz” Khan. However, it remains a mystery on why the ending did not reveal the real suspect behind the death of Andrea Cornish.

The Night Of Season 1 Episode 8 entitled “The Call of the Wild” featured the trial of Naz in the defense phase. Trevor, Duade, Day and Don testified to prove that Naz was innocent. However, when Naz testified, it turned out poorly and even him had a doubt about his innocence.

Freddy handed a security footage showing Naz and Chandra kissing, hoping for a mistrial. Unfortunately, it did not help but ruined Chandra’s career. With this, John Stone was made the lead attorney after Crowe fired Chandra.

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Detective Box, who seemed to realize Naz innocence, found a footage showing Andrea being followed by a man named Ray Halle. Halle was Evelyn’s financial adviser and Andrea’s boyfriend. Det. Box learned that the man had violent tendencies and was seen at the scene of the crime.

Det. Box tried to convince Weiss to stop Naz’s trial but she continued. Fortunately, unpexpected turns of events happened that in Naz’s freedom. To everyone’s disappointment, The Night Of Season 1 ended not knowing the real murderer of Andrea Cornish.

“I think it was conceived of as a one-season one-off,” Ahmed said of Naz’s story. “Perhaps [if] there’s a second season, they might do a different case like they did in the British version of the show. I think sometimes it’s said, ‘Better to quit while you’re ahead.’”

Riz Ahmed, who played the character of Naz, revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter about the possibility of The Night Of SeaSon 2. However, he added that the second season might take different storyline.

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Bustle supported Ahmed’s statement and said that if there will be a season 2, it could narrate the same story as the second season of ‘Criminal Justice’. The storyline is expected to revolve around the case of a domestic abuse victim accused of killing her own husband.

So far, there has been no exact confirmation about the possibility of second season. However, with the success of The Night Of Season 1, HBO could now be in talks with its creators Richard Price and Steven Zaillian.

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