Nina Dobrev or Tim Tebow? Check the winner of the Lip Sync Battle

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Lip sync battle

Nina Dobrev and Tim Tebow have become quite the talk of the town thanks to their performances at the Lip Sync Battle.

The former Vampire Diaries actress managed to give quite a show with her sexy moves and grooves. However, it is not the only reason why her performance is getting all the attention.

As Nina grooved to the music of Marvin Gaye’s classic Let’s Get It On, she went ahead and flirted with the NFL player Tim Tebow. Dobrev dropped to the floor and danced sexily against Tim’s leg. A visibly blushed Tim was as shocked as everyone else in the audience.

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Now, you would expect an athlete to lose from a vampire beauty. But sadly, that was not the case, for Tim fared better than Dobrev. Neither of them is good at lip syncing but it appears Tim did manage to impress slightly more than the actress.

Against Nina’s Let’s Get It On, Tim picked up Sam Hunt’s Take Your Time and the NFL played managed to nail it.

But not just with his performance but through his words too.

Vulture reports that after announcing the song, Tebow said: “I also do think that’s the best way in any relationship, is to take your time. Maybe that’s just how it’s more special.”

The rich and famous player paying a tribute to his avowed chastity.

No doubt, Nina’s performance was sexy and entertaining all the way but she did not manage to do justice to the song.

As the report says, Nina picked a song that she failed to even understand it. Not everything is about hair-flips and dramatic postures. In fact, the song is about “longing and sex as a spiritual connection”.

Not just that, even her timing was off and she failed to lip sync properly.

Who’s the winner then? Tebow all the way. Sorry, Nina Dobrev. Better luck next time.

Photo Courtesy: Spike

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