One Piece 827 Spoilers, Predictions and Release Date: Yonji and Raige Vinsmoke, Jinbe’s reunion with the Strawhats and Big Mom’s daughter’s transformation

One Piece Chapter 826 puzzled the manga readers with the appearance of the former Warlord and Strawhats’ ally Jinbe. What is he doing in the New World?

One Piece Chapter 826 started with the Germa 66 approaching the Thousand Sunny. Everyone was expecting that the two groups will be having a clash but that did not happen. The Germa 66 seems lost their way and unknowingly met the Strawhat Pirates.

A man with ‘swirling eyebrows’ appeared that shocked the Strawhats’ crew and Pekoms. Pekoms called him ‘Master Sanji’ and the crew rejoiced saying that they have found their lost member, Sanji. However, the man with ‘swirling eyebrows’ denied their claim and told them that he was Yonji Vinsmoke. Nami then assumed that he was Sanji’s younger brother.

Yonji advised the Germa 66 that they don’t have anything to do with them and they should leave as soon as possible. Luffy’s condition became worst. Rashes were spreading throughout his body and his resistance was dropping. Chopper asked for help to Yonji saying that they needed an antidote for their captain who was poisoned after eating an unknown fish. Yonji said that he’s not the type of man who saves people and added that if they want the antidote they should steal it from him.

A woman with ‘swirling eyebrows’ enter the scene and kick Yonji in the face. The woman also resembles Sanji’s face and jumped into the Thousand Sunny. A member of the Germa 66 called her ‘Miss Rage’. Rage Vinsmoke was said to be Yonji’s eldest sister. Unlike his younger brother, Rage was nice to the Strawhats. Rage asked if Luffy ate an armored stonefish from the hot-hot sea. Luckily, the said fish was her favorite delicacy.

Rage then tried to help Luffy by sucking all the poison he consumed. After a few seconds, Luffy’s condition became stable and acts like he had only woke up. Luffy recognized the face of the woman that helped her and he also remembered Sanji in her.

Rage then thanked the Strawhats for taking care of Sanji and narrated all the things that happened when Sanji left. She told them about his poster that was planned by their father. Rage, Yonji and the Germa 66 planned to leave the scene saying that they do not want to make a scene and ruin their brother’s marriage.

In the end of the One Piece Chapter 826, Jinbe appeared and it seems like he is about to meet the Strawhat Pirates. Jinbe’s last appearance was in the Fishman Island Arc where he helped the Strawhats overthrow Hody Jones and his crew. Jinbe made a promise to Luffy that he is willing to join his crew once his task in the Fishman Island is done.

However, there are speculations that Jinbe will be taking part in Big Mom’s party. According to One Piece Wikia, Jinbe is a subordinate of Charlotte Linlin. With this, it can be predicted that Jinbe can be the bridge for Strawhats and Charlotte Linlin to arrange their dispute.

There are also speculations that, in One Piece Chapter 827, Big Mom’s daughter will transform that will make Sanji’s nose, bleed that he will almost pass out. The reason behind is that they will be testing if Sanji’s intention with Big Mom’s daughter is pure. They want Big Mom’s daughter to marry a man who loves the heart and not just the appearance.

One Piece Chapter 827 is expected to be released on May 26,2016.

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