One Piece Chapter 825 & 826 Reviews and Predictions: Germa 66, the man with ‘swirling eyebrows’, Lola’s look alike and Big Mom’s devil fruit

One Piece chapter 825 had left the manga readers in questions about the Germa 66 ship, the girl who looked like Lola and the man with ‘swirling eyebrows’ who is about to approach the Straw Hats.

In the start of the chapter, Vito introduce to Sanji the Germa 66, a legendary army who was said to be equal or greater than the Navy’s strength. In order to inform the people that the Marines were the strongest and the real face of justice, the World Government tell lies to the public by spreading false information that the Marines had obliterated the so called ‘demon army’. As usual, the world believed the rumors and pass the Marine ideology to their kids.

When Sanji entered the room, Gotti, one of Capone’s crew, felt disrespected by the cook’s rude attitude and was about to start a fight with Black Leg. However, a woman that resembled the face of Lola came in to stop Gotti saying that he should not argue with a member of a Vinsmoke family. Sanji then recognized the woman that looked like Lola.

Here are some of the theories about the Vinsmoke family:

On the other hand, the Straw Hat Pirates were having a hard time sailing without their cook as they almost starved to death and been roasted by the hot weather. As they continue their journey, Nami noticed that it was raining cotton candy. As soon as Pekoms noticed it, he warned the Straw Hat Pirates that they were about to enter Big Mom’s territory, one of the four Yonkous.

However, it is too late for them to make a preparation since a ship was about to approach them which is according to Pekoms, the Germa 66. In the end of the chapter, a man with a ‘swirling eyebrow’ showed up which was many believed to be Sanji’s brother.

According to One Piece discussions on Reddit, many have noticed the things on Big Mom’s territory which seemed to be alive, including the door of Sanji’s room and the face of her main ship which was singing. Based on their conclusions, this might have connections with Charlotte Linlin’s devil fruit. It looks like a power that can give things life or a power that can merge living things with non-living things. Also, it seems to have connection with witch crafts.

On One Piece Chapter 826, there are predictions that the man with ‘swirling eyebrows’ will be capturing the Straw Hat Pirates so Luffy and Big Mom will manage to see each other. Big Mom will be kind to Luffy after knowing that they saved Lola. Luffy will give the treasure he promised from the Fishman Island as compensation for the sweets that he ate but Luffy did not know that bombs were included with the treasure. The incident will make one of the four Yonkous mad and will start a war with the Straw Hat Pirates.

Here are one of the theory about Charlotte Linlin’s Power:

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