One Piece Chapter 826 Predictions and Release Date: The man with ‘swirling eyebrows’, Germa 66 an ally or enemy and Dragon’s Devil Fruit

One Piece Chapter 825 left the manga readers puzzled about the man that resembles the face of one of the Strawhat Pirates crew, Sanji. Many have speculated that it could be Black Leg’s brother.

With the previous chapter ending with the Germa 66 approaching the Thousand Sunny, readers are arguing whether they are the Strawhats’ enemy or ally. If the man with ‘swirling eyebrows’ will really be Sanji’s brother, there is a higher possibility that he also has the same character of his brother. Sanji, who is always seen to be having strong admiration and respect for women, is ready to break any rule or even fight his own nakama for the sake of a woman.

This can also be the character of his rumoured brother. Upon approaching the Strawhats, the man with ‘swirling eyebrow’ will try to initiate a battle. But after seeing Nami, his heart will be soften, like his brother Sanji, and be friends with Luffy and his crew. Luffy, who is currently needing an antidote, will then be cured with the help of the Germa 66.

The Strawhats will surely end up recognizing the man’s face and ask his relation with Sanji. However, there have been no hints if Sanji and his rumoured brother are in good terms.

There are also speculations that Monkey D. Dragon’s devil fruit will be revealed in the One Piece Chapter 826.

Here is a video presenting the theory of Monkey D. Dragon’s devil fruit:

In the past One Piece episodes where Dragon went to Loguetown, there was a strong wind that covered the whole town that was believed to be cause by the head of the revolutionary. Also, there have been speculations that Dragon’s devil fruit can control weather. When Buggy was about to execute Luffy, a huge storm cloud was covering the whole town and Buggy was hit by the lightning resulting for Luffy to escape death. It may not be confirmed but it seems that it was not by accident and a certain man was controlling the weather.

Though there are no exact details revealed, it will surely be a scene that the One Piece fans are waiting to see, since Monkey D. Dragon is considered as one of the strongest character in One Piece.

One Piece Chapter 826 is expected to be release on May 19,2016.

Photo courtesy: One Piece/Facebook

Video courtesy: Joy_Boy Theories

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