One Piece Chapter 827 & 828 Review, Predictions and Spoilers: Sanji’s Wedding, Lady Pudding and Big Mom’s devil fruit

One Piece Chapter 827 mainly focus on the arrival of Pekoms and the Strawhat Pirates at the Whole Cake Island. It shows an overall overview of Big Mom’s territory, its composition and the people living in it.

One Piece Chapter 827 started with the Strawhats being approached by one of the guards of the Whole Cake Island. The guards thought that they were an enemy but Pekoms said that he hijacked the ship. Pekoms asked the guard not to tell Big Mom about his arrival that he wanted to surprise her. Upon landing the island, Luffy and Chopper were amazed at what they saw. The whole town was covered with chocolates and the structure of the houses was made from sweets and biscuits.

Pekoms said to the Strawhats that Big Mom must not know that he brought them on the island. He added that they needed to disguise not to be noticed by people in the town. Pekoms started sharing some information about the Whole Cake Island. He said that the place was a ‘Utopia’ where different races all over the world can live harmoniously without discrimination, prejudice, and segregation. He also emphasized the 34 islands dotted around the Whole Cake Island. He referred all the island as ‘Totland’.

Before Pekoms gave the do’s and dont’s inside the town, Luffy and Chopper already left and decided to roam around the places, by themselves. Before they could find them, a chocolate police officer was about to arrest Luffy and Chopper, who were guilty of eating at the Café. Pekoms and the others did not know what to do until the owner of the Café came in.

Lady Pudding, the owner of the Café, saved Luffy and Chopper by saying that they were hired as dismantlers because her Café was about to expire. The police officer believed what she said and decided to free Luffy and Chopper. While they were having a conversation, a man approached Pekoms. Pekoms asked him to remain silent and  said that he does not want to be noticed by anyone.

While inside the house, Pudding told them the reason she saved them. Pudding said that she almost cried after seeing how Luffy and Chopper appreciated her homemade sweets. She shared to the Strawhats how she made the sweets. However, Nami said that they have to leave immediately since there is something important that they need to do. Pudding asked for their names before they left and the Strawhats happily introduced themselves.

On the other hand, Big Mom and her crew were already preparing for the wedding of her daughter and Sanji. It seems like Sanji has already arrived at the island and the wedding will soon be happening. Big Mom also said about a person she was expecting to arrive and possibly it was Luffy. Recalling in the past episodes, Luffy said to Big Mom to wait for her in the New World to finish his business with her.

One Piece Chapter 827 puzzled the readers about the person who informed Big Mom about the arrival of Luffy. Is it the man who approached Pekoms or Lady Pudding? Also in the previous chapter, it showed the former Warlord Jinbe but he is still not appearing in the previous episode. Is he invited to Big Mom’s tea party?

Other things that were very mysterious in the chapter were the things that surround Big Mom which have their own lives. There are speculations that it has something to do with Charlotte Linlin’s devil fruit but yet to be revealed in the next chapters.

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