One Piece Chapter 827 Spoiler Update: Jinbe reunites with the Strawhats, Sanji meets Big Mom’s daughter and Gecko Moria returns

One Piece Chapter 827 will surely be more exciting than the other chapters since it is expected to show the reunion of the former Warlord and Fishman Jinbe and the Strawhat pirates. However, it is not the only thing that will spice up the chapter because other events are set to take place including the arrival of Sanji at Big Mom’s territory and the return of Absalom and Gecko Moria.

According to a raw scan of One Piece Chapter 827, Jinbe and the Strawhat pirates will be reunited and the former Warlord expressed his intention to help them whatever happens. The last time that they met was on the Fishman Island where Jinbe decided to finish his business on his homeland. There are speculations that Jinbe was invited by Charlotte Linlin and he is in the New World to attend Big Mom’s tea party.

There is also a scene on the raw scan showing Absalom and Gecko Moria. For those who remember the Marineford War, Don Quixote Doflamingo killed Moria and it is very surprising that he is still alive. Absalom and Moria want to form a pirate alliance with Big Mom, but the Yonkou denied their offer. She said that she is not interested to be allied with losers. She knows that Moria and Absalom were defeated in the past.

Big Mom gave a condition to Absalom that if they will make Sanji her son-in-law, she might change her mind and accept their offer. On the other hand, Sanji was about to arrive at Big Mom’s headquarters, the Whole Cake Island, where he will be meeting Big Mom’s daughter. As said in the previous article, Sanji will undergo a test to know if his intention is clean for Big Mom’s daughter. However, Sanji said that he is not willing to marry but upon seeing Big Mom’s daughter, he changed his mind and his eyes turn to heart.

Photo courtesy: One Piece/Facebook

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