One Piece Chapter 828 Predictions and Spoilers: Sanji and Charlotte Purin Wedding, Strawhats plans to save Sanji, and Jinbe, the new Strawhats crew

One Piece Chapter 828 is expected to mainly focus on the near wedding of Big Mom’s 35th daughter and Sanji. The actions are expected to be more intense as Charlotte Linlin already knew that Luffy and the Strawhat Pirates were already inside her territory. It remains a puzzle for everyone about the appearance of Jinbe in the past chapters. Though there are many speculations saying that it will be a reunion of the former Warlord with the Strawhats, there are few saying that Jinbe might be invited to Big Mom’s tea party.

One Piece Chapter 827 showed the arrival of the Strawhat Pirates on Big Mom’s territory, Whole Cake Island. Pekoms tried his best to hide their presence from everyone, but the news still reached Big Mom. Lady Pudding also known as Charlotte Purin is Big Mom’s 35th daughter who is set to marry Sanji to strengthen the ties between the Charlotte and Vinsmoke family. Pudding seemed to be nice with the Strawhats, but she is still one of the suspected people who told Big Mom about Luffy’s arrival. However, there are other characters who served as Big Mom’s spy.

In the nearing wedding of Sanji, the Strawhats are expected to create a havoc in order to get back their former crew. However, it will not be an easy task for them. It is obvious that the Strawhats are outnumbered knowing that Big Mom’s affiliates are roaming all over the place. Also, the Germa 66 is still not confirmed to be their ally or enemy.

Based on a previous article, Jinbe will be having a reunion with the Strawhats and promised that he will help them whenever they are in a crisis. Will Jinbe finally join Luffy’s crew? It is not official, but Jinbe made a promised on Fishman Island that once his task on his homeland is done, he will definitely join the Strawhat Pirates.

According to One Piece Wikia, Jinbe is worried that if he cut ties with the Big Mom Pirates, the Fishman Island will be in danger. This might be one of the reasons behind his appearance in the previous chapter. It has not been revealed yet but it has something to do with him and Big Mom.

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