One Piece Chapter 828 Spoilers and Predictions: Strawhat Pirates vs Big Mom Pirates; Big Mom’s devil fruit power revealed-“Mother Nature Control”

One Piece Chapter 828 is expected to be the clash between Monkey D. Luffy and the Strawhat Pirates vs. Charlotte Linlin and the Big Mom Pirates. Recalling in the past chapter, Big Mom received a reliable information about Luffy’s arrival on her territory, the Whole Cake Island.

One Piece Chapter 827 ended with Big Mom and her crew making preparations in the near wedding of her 35th daughter with Sanji, a member of the Vinsmoke family. The wedding will serve as an instrument to strengthen the bond between the Charlotte and the Vinsmoke family. Big Mom is willing to do anything in order for her plan to be executed accordingly.

With her knowledge of Luffy’s arrival on her territory, she might already know their intention. Luffy and his friends wanted to get back Sanji and continue their journey in finding the ‘One Piece’. However, it will surely anger Big Mom and this will cause the two to engage in a fight.

Remembering in the Fishman Island arc, Luffy expressed his intention to fight Big Mom as it is one way to become the ‘Pirate King’. He also did not want to leave the island with a bad person like Big Mom. In the last part of One Piece Chapter 827, Big Mom said the word ‘Sacrifice’. The chapter also ended with the lines “A hellish tea party is about to begin”. It is intriguing to everyone about the real intention of Big Mom and who is the ‘Sacrifice’ she is talking about. Is it Sanji? Or Luffy?

If the fight is bound to happen in the next chapter, it will surely give hints on the true power of Big Mom. There are speculations that Big Mom’s devil fruit has something to do with giving a life to non-living things. In her territory, there were things that can speak, sing and even move on its own. There has been no exact confirmation with his true power but it must be powerful enough to make her one of the Yonkous.

According to OneWorldHD, Big Mom’s devil fruit has the ability to control Mother Nature. The ending of the last chapter showed a sun, rainbow, trees and other living things that can move, speak and follow her orders.

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