One Piece Chapter 828 and 829 Review, Spoilers and Predictions: ‘Turn back’, who kidnapped Pekoms?; Monkey D. Luffy vs Charlotte Linlin soon!

One Piece Chapter 828 mainly focuses on Strawhat Pirates’ conversation with Lady Pudding also known as Charlotte Purin, the 35th daughter of Big Mom. The chapter also showed few appearances of the Germa 66, who are now on their way to the wedding of their brother, Sanji.

One Piece Chapter 828 started with Lady Pudding revealing her true identity to the Strawhat Pirates. She said the she was Big Mom’s 35th daughter and the one who is about to marry the Strawhats’ cook, Sanji. After that, Lady Pudding learned that the Strawhat Pirates were the group that Sanji belongs. She started to overreact because she knew that they were bad people.

Pedro did something to calm her down and the Strawhats started to explain everything to her including their plan to get back Sanji. Lady Pudding told them the real intention of Big Mom with the wedding. She said that the main purpose was to make her pirate crew more powerful. Also, she revealed that Big Mom had 43 husbands, 39 daughters, and 46 sons.

With the way Lady Pudding described Sanji, it seems like she was already in love with the Strawhats’ cook. She expressed her strong desire on marrying a man like him. Sanji seemed to feel the same way. However, Lady Pudding said that she was turned down by the man she was supposed to marry. Sanji said:

“I’ve gotta return to my friends.”

“I really want to marry you but I can’t.”

The Strawhat Pirates cannot believe what they heard since they knew Sanji very well. However, it seems like his friends are more important than a woman. Lady Pudding helped the Strawhats by teaching them the safest route to reach Sanji. Luffy and his crew quickly escape of Pudding’s house as Big Mom’s soldiers were waiting outside.

The Strawhats’ went back to their ship only to find out the Pekoms was not there. Pekoms left a note saying “Turn back” which means that the Strawhats should quit their mission as a danger is waiting for them if they still choose to proceed.

Meanwhile, Reige, Yonji and the Germa 66 saved the Brock Colie Island by stopping a two-year war. They are now on their way to their brother’s wedding and there is a larger possibility that they will meet the Strawhat Pirates again.

One Piece Chapter 829 is expected to be the Strawhat Pirates mission to save Sanji. However, with Pekoms’ message it seems like Big Mom has already planned everything regarding their arrival. Recalling in the past episode, Charlotte Linlin received an information about Luffy’s arrival. Also, she said the word ‘Sacrifice’ which pertains to either Luffy or Sanji.

It remains a question to the One Piece readers regarding what happened to Pekoms. Was he kidnapped? Also, Jinbe is still not appearing since we last saw him in the past chapters. As the wedding day draws near, One Piece actions will surely be more intense as the battle between the Big Mom Pirates and the Strawhat Pirates will be happening soon.

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