One Piece Chapter 829, 830 Spoilers and Predictions: Big Mom suffers from eating disorder and kills her son; Jinbe quits Big Mom Pirates?

One Piece Chapter 829 showed the Strawhat Pirates on their way to save one of their crews, Sanji. It also showed the appearance of the former Warlord Jinbe and Charlotte Linlin, who was suffering from an eating disorder.

One Piece Chapter 829 started with the Strawhat Pirates leaving the Cacao Island. They followed the route given to them by Lady Pudding to reach Sanji’s location without being noticed. Nami told them that they are about to reach the City of Jam. Carrot and Chopper became very excited for they will have a chance to eat candies again. Unfortunately, the navigator told them that they will only pass the island and will not stay there.

While on their way, a sea monster appears and was about to devour the ship. Luffy and the others prepared themselves to fight and kill the giant centipede.

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Meanwhile, in Whole Cake Island, Charlotte Linlin was suffering from eating disorder. She wanted to eat ‘Croquembouche’, a decorative sweet made of piles of cream puffs. However, the chefs cannot provide the sweet since they were out of ingredients. Big Mom cannot be stopped and continued to eat the Sweet City until her craving was satisfied.

One of Big Mom’s crew told the chefs that there were cream puff tourists spotted in the hotel. Gelato Minister Charlotte Muscat, the 16th son of the Charlotte family, appeared to stopped Big Mom. However, he failed and was killed by her own mother.

Luckily, the former Warlord Jinbe appeared and brought a ‘Croquembouche’. He immediately headed toward Big Mom and put the sweet inside her big mouth. Big Mom’s rage stopped and she thanked Jinbe.

Jinbe told Big Mom that he only came to the Whole Cake Island to discuss something. Though he was not yet saying anything, Big Mom looked at him with a scary face and asked him: “You wouldn’t by chance be quitting my crew now, would you?!”

One Piece Chapter 829 revealed that Jinbe was part of the crew of the Big Mom Pirates. Now that he is about to discuss something with the lady Yonkou, is Big Mom’s instinct true? Or he is about to say something important to her?

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If Jinbe says that he wants to quit being Big Mom’s crew, he will surely be in big trouble and Charlotte Linlin will surely kill him. On the other hand, if not, there is a possibility that he has something to say about the Strawhat Pirates since he was seen making surveillance on them.

One Piece Chapter 830 will surely be an exciting scene as lots of actions are expected to take place. The Strawhat Pirates seem to be in big trouble facing a sea monster. Also, they still do not know if the route that Lady Pudding told them is not a trap.

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