One Piece Chapter 829 Spoilers and Predictions: Germa 66 and Strawhat Pirates vs Big Mom Pirates; Lady Pudding betrays the Strawhats

One Piece Chapter 829 release will be one week delay and more predictions are coming on what will happen with the Strawhat Pirates as they follow the route given by Lady Pudding to reach Sanji. Is she really helping the Strawhat Pirates? Or she is just setting a trap for Big Mom to easily capture them?

One Piece Chapter 828 showed a kind and helpful Lady Pudding. However, there are speculations that the character she was showing with the Strawhat Pirates is fake and her real intention is to lure them and set a trap. The speculations are fuelled with Big Mom’s word in the past chapter talking about ‘Sacrifice’.

Now that Big Mom knew about Luffy’s arrival in the Whole Cake Island, she must be desperate to see and beat him for eating her candies on Fishman Island. While Luffy’s first mission is to bring Sanji back on his ship, there is a higher possibility that he cannot avoid a fight against one of the four Yonkous.

Meanwhile, the imminent arrival of the Vinsmokes and the Germa 66 in Totland to attend their brother’s wedding will also be seen in One Piece Chapter 828. The Germa 66 saved the Brock Colie island from a two-year war before they sailed to their target destination. However, it is still a question to manga readers if the Germa 66 will be on the Strawhat Pirates’ side once the war against Big Mom started.

Another character that is highly anticipated to appear in the succeeding chapter is the former Warlord and Strawhat’s comrade Jinbe. Jinbe was seen in the previous chapters making surveillance on Thousand Sunny. There are speculations that he is invited to Big Mom’s nearing tea party.

It is still a question on what happened to Pekoms. Was he kidnapped? Or he left on his own? The previous chapters gave a hint that Pekoms did not leave on his own. Knowing how he warned the Strawhat Pirates to remain unnoticeable as they roamed around the town. Since Big Mom already knew about Luffy’s arrival, she might give a call to Pekoms via ‘den den mushi‘ and ordered him to be back on their HQ.

Big Mom might have told Pekoms her plans on the Strawhat Pirates once they finally enter the headquarters so Pekoms left a note saying ‘Turn Back’. Pekoms realized how kind the Strawhat Pirates were on his little time being with them. He might already consider them as his friends so he doesn’t want them to be in danger.

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