One Piece Chapter 829 Spoilers and Predictions: Lady Pudding sets a trap for the Strawhats; Jinbe an ally or enemy?

One Piece chapter 829 will be a scene where the Strawhat Pirates will be on their way to save Sanji. Lady Pudding taught them the safest route to reach Sanji’s location.

However, it remains a question if Big Mom’s daughter is really helping the Strawhats or it is just a trap. Also, Jinbe has been speculated to betray the Strawhats since he is making surveillance regarding the Strawhats’ current location.

In One Piece Chapter 828, the Strawhats found out that Pekoms was missing and left a note saying ‘Turn Back’. We all know that Pekoms is one of the strongest crew of the Big Mom Pirates and kidnapping him is not that easy.

Recalling in the Fishman Island, Pekoms, a pirate with a 300 million berry bounty, easily defeat Caribou, who has obtained Logia type of devil fruit. It is either Pekoms voluntarily leaves the Thousand Sunny or a more powerful character knocks him out and kidnapped him.

Here is a proof of Pekoms power:

There are three suspects regarding the person who told Big Mom about Luffy’s arrival- the guard on the entrance of the Whole Cake Island, Captain Pedro, and Lady Pudding. It is very intriguing on how Lady Pudding easily gave her trust to a pirate she only knew for the first time.

Also, at the end of One Piece Chapter 827, Big Mom said the word ‘Sacrifice’ which typically pertains to either Luffy or Sanji.

However, there is still a chance that Lady Pudding is really helping the Strawhats knowing how kind she was when she met the Strawhats. She might also follow the footsteps of her sister, who left the Totland in order to find her true love.

Jinbe is another character that is very intriguing in the past episodes. According to One Piece Wikia, Jinbe is a subordinate of Charlotte Linlin by the time she declared Fishman Island as her turf.

Jinbe is also seen making surveillance on the Strawhats’ ship. Though many are expecting that he is an ally, there is still a possibility that he will end up betraying the Strawhat Pirates for the sake of his homeland.

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