One Piece Chapter 829 Spoilers and Predictions: Strawhat Pirates captured while saving Sanji and stealing Road Poneglyph; Strawhat Grand Fleet to the rescue?

One Piece Chapter 829 will be a scene where the Strawhat Pirates penetrate Big Mom’s territory and save Sanji. There are speculations that the pirates are also targeting the Road Poneglyph that is currently in the hands of Charlotte Linlin.

With the Strawhat Pirates having two missions, they may consider splitting into two teams- team Sanji and team Road Poneglyph. According to One Piece Wikia, there are four poneglyphs known as Road Poneglyphs. When all poneglyphs have been collected, these can be deciphered and lead to four islands. The four islands will align and lead to Raftel’s location where One Piece is.

According to Mangayork, the war between the Strawhat Pirates and the Big Mom Pirates is inevitable. Everyone knows how important the wedding is for Big Mom since it will be a way to strengthen her military might. Also, if the Strawhat Pirates succeed in getting the Road Poneglyph, it will surely anger the lady Yonkou more and summon all his commanders to start the war against the Strawhat Pirates.

There are speculations that the Germa 66 will be an ally with the Strawhat Pirates. However, they are obviously outnumbered by the Big Mom Pirates since they are inside her territory. This may force Luffy to summon the Strawhat Grand Fleet consists of 5,640 members and declare war against Charlotte Linlin.

Recalling in the Dressrosa Arc, the gladiators of the Corrida Colosseum decided to form a pirate alliance to serve under Monkey D. Luffy and the Strawhat Pirates. Before they separated, the seven captains were given a piece of Luffy’s Vivre Card.

Lady Pudding may help the Strawhat Pirates to save Sanji. She may consider disobeying her mother’s order and follow her sister’s footsteps to find her true love in the outside world. However, things may change since there are speculations that Charlotte Purin may set a trap for the Strawhat Pirates in order to capture them easily.

One Piece Chapter 829 is expected to be released on June 16, 2016.

Photo courtesy: Gojita/One Piece Wikia

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