One Piece Chapter 829 Spoilers: Strawhat Pirates fight Sea King; Jinbe appears; Big Mom’s devil fruit power revealed

One Piece 829 showed the Strawhat Pirates on their way to save Sanji. Recalling in the last chapter, Lady Pudding taught them the safest route to reach Black Leg’s location. However, an enemy appears while they are on their way to bring back their cook.

On a raw scan of One Piece Chapter 829 released by Reddit, the Strawhat Pirates were after the route given by Lady Pudding. It showed Luffy taking the wheel and Nami got angry on him. It seems like their next stop will be on the Jam Island based on where Nami’s finger was pointing.

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In the middle of their journey, a giant Sea King appeared that was about to devour the Thousand Sunny. Carrot seemed to be very scared but the Strawhat Pirates became excited and ready to fight the giant monster. However, it did not show further action on how the Strawhat Pirates fight the Sea King.

On the other hand, it seemed like we can already see some action for the Lady Yonkou. The raw scan also showed Big Mom talking to a pirate which seemed to be her underling. Charlotte Linlin got angry on him and shouted. It seemed like it has something to do with treasure or sweets that make her mad. Maybe, he lost the treasure or he failed to get the sweets that Big Mom likes.

When the pirate was about to escape, Big Mom released a sticky liquid. There are speculations that this has something to do with her devil fruit power. Recalling in her first appearance, Big Mom was drooling and the liquid that was going down from her mouth was like an acid.

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Jinbe also appeared in One Piece Chapter 829. It seemed like the former Warlord was talking to Big Mom and explaining something. There were speculations that Big Mom invited Jinbe to her tea party. More information will be revealed when One Piece Chapter 829 is officially released.

Photo courtesy: One Piece/Facebook

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