One Piece Chapter 830 finally released: Jinbe joins Straw Hat, Pedro reveals past, Big Mom’s huge family strategy backfired

One Piece Chapter 830 release date
One Piece chapter 830 is finally released with a title “He Who Gets Bet On.” The chapter tackled Jinbe’s desire to join Straw Hats Pirates and Pedro’s life.

One Piece Chapter 830 was finally released with a highlight on how Big Mom’s huge family strategy backfired and how Pedro and Jinbe’s lives affected to it. The chapter is entitled “He Who Gets Bet On.”

The chapter opened with Jinbe with his comrades in the Fishman race talking about his his desire to join Straw Hat Pirates. Undoubtedly hesitant with the decision, he talked to them and was shocked with how they responded.

“‘Straw Hat Luffy’ is a man who will eventually change this world. He may still be a bit wet behind the ears … But I sincerely believe that the one who will rule the seas will not be any of the four Yonko. But ‘Straw Hat Luffy’ himself,” Jinbe said.

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“I would like to aid this man in his endeavors!!! I wish to board his ship and sacrifice this life of mine for him if need be!!! I assume that these actions will, in the end, result in a fight for the true freedom for the Fishman race as well!!!” he added.

Jinbe went to Big Mom to negotiate with her because of his firm decision to join Luffy and from his comrades’ overwhelming support. However, the deal will be in exchange of losing one of his body parts. Decision will be based from a roulette.

On the other hand, Pedro shared his life story to the entire Straw Hat Pirates. He started the conversation with the perks with how he became a pirate and Pekoms became comrades.

He mentioned that he ever wanted to be an explorer for long time. Well, he did. But he was surprised that he ended up with putting up a bounty in his head. That event was the result when he accompanied Pekoms in his journey with no deeper intentions to be a pirate.

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In addition, they were looking for Poneglyphs in the sea and discover its existence. After their long journey, they stepped to Big Mom’s territory that became their end of the goal of seeking it.

He also said that upon discovery of the Poneglyphs, he gave them to Gol D. Roger which made Roger the “Pirate King.” At the end of his big revelation, he advised the Straw Hat Pirates to steal Big Mom’s road Poneglyphs to rescue their crew mate Sanji.

One Piece Chapter 830 ended with the whole crew landing in the Whole Cake Island where Yonko lives.

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