One Piece Chapter 830 Spoilers and Predictions: Jinbe quits Big Mom Pirates to officially join Strawhat Pirates

One Piece Chapter 829 revealed that the second captain of the Sun Pirates and former Warlord Jinbe was a member of the Big Mom Pirates. It also showed that he is about to say something important to the lady Yonkou. Is Jinbe quitting the Big Mom Pirates to officially join the Strawhat Pirates?

Recalling the episode the Fishman Island Arc, Jinbe and Luffy joined forces to defeat Hody Jones and his crew. While Luffy is fighting Hody, he lost lots of blood after receiving multiple wounds. Luffy won the fight but he lost consciousness. Jinbe offered his own blood to save Luffy from death.

When Luffy woke up, he asked Jinbe to join his crew. The former Warlord refused and said that he has an unfinished business in the Fishman Island. However, Jinbe also said that once he gets the job done he may consider joining the Strawhat Pirates in the future.

Jinbe and Luffy had built a strong relationship since the Impel Down Arc. Luffy helped Jinbe to escape from the impenetrable prison. As a way of appreciation, the Fishman decided to help Luffy save his brother, Ace, from his nearing execution.

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Jinbe and Luffy fought together in the Marineford Arc. When the war was about to end, Jinbe carried the unconscious Luffy and helped him escape from the marines. The former Warlord was also the one who stood by Luffy’s side from the time he was mourning the death of his brother. He told Luffy that he needed to think of what he still have than what was already gone.

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One Piece Chapter 830 will be revealing Jinbe’s decision. If he decides to quit the Big Mom Pirates, a war will surely be declared by Charlotte Linlin against Luffy and the Strawhat Pirates. However, things are expected to change since there no hints given regarding what will Jinbe discuss to Big Mom.

One Piece Chapter 830 will be released on Thursday, June 23.

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