One Piece Chapter 830 Spoilers, Predictions: Jinbe married, saves Straw Hats, Sanji’s past unveiled

One Piece Chapter 830 fan art
One Piece chapter 830 spoilers, predictions reveal Jinbe former life before making allies with Big Mom and Sanji’s past, relationships, romance, so on.

One Piece Chapter 830 spoilers and predictions cover Jinbe and Sanji. Many of the fans think the former will save Straw Hats and Sanji’s past including his relationships, as unveiled in the next chapter.

According to various sources, there are several speculations about the identities of Jinbe and Sanji. Chapter 830 is predicted to reveal everything about these two characters. One of the fans commented that Jinbe is a shark fisherman who inter-bred separate species for so long.

“[Fisherman] basically have a chance to pass down any times of the species. Jinbe may be a Whale Shark fishman, but he’s got pretty much every aquatic species in his genetics. So his children could be anything,” said a fan with username mcallisterco in a Reddit forum.

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In the previous chapter, Jinbe and Luffy join forces to defeat Hody Jones and his crew. During the fight against Hody, Luffy lost lots of blood after receiving multiple wounds. Jinbe, on the other hand, shares his blood to save Luffy from death. Because of that, he might quit Big Mom Pirates to join Straw Hat Pirates. In fact, fans predict he will do so in Chapter 830 to save them from Big Mom’s wrath.

Yibada notes that Jinbe tells something to Big Mom, causing her wrath. At the same time, this allows fans to see a glimpse of the Big Mom’s Devil Fruit. The fruit has the ability to absorb life and extend her lifespan.

Following these predictions, his identity came across the minds of the fans. Another fan, named Deadlyxda, cites, “After White Beard died, Fishman island needed protection … so he allied with Big Mom. So maybe during 2 years.”

Concerning Jinbe’s previous marriages, there are no leaked information on whether or not he is married to someone before he allied with Big Mom. Maybe in One Piece Chapter 830, Jinbe shares it or at least someone discovers it.

Meanwhile, Sanji will have a whole arc which tackles his past and his relationships including his character development regardless of the screen time. The chapter might include turning down a woman for the first time.

Knowing these possibilities, many of One Piece Chapter 830 predictions excite the fans especially with Sanji’s history.

This is because his past was not known by all since One Piece started. Everyone knows he’s the third son of the Vinsmoke Family but cut ties in his childhood.

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Then, he moved and raised in East Blue. Aside from these, there are no details how he has lived his life during his teenage years so on.

What would Sanji reveals about his past? Will he able to say something how he lived his life before Luffy and the Straw Hats Pirates met him? Is Jinbe married before? Stay tuned for updates!

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