One Piece Chapter 830 Spoilers, Predictions: Sanji from royalty? Pudding, Pekoms comrades? Jinbe speaks with Big Mom

One Piece Chapter 830 spoilers Sanji
One Piece chapter 830 spoilers, predictions reveal Sanji’s history including his being part of royalty, World Government as well as Jinbe’s marriage.

One Piece Chapter 830 may reveal important details about Sanji’s real identity after long time secrecy. No one knows about his past, his relationships whether or not he has previous love affair. Yet, the upcoming new chapter unveils them.

Previously, various sources mentioned about Sanji’s real background including much of his history which was never told. Some of the fans think in the nearing release of One Piece Chapter 830, they will see the story how this character ended up in Straw Hat Pirates.

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In the previous chapters, Sanji appears like he’s from a royal family as per rumors spread in One Piece community. Others think he is a Tenryuubito also known as The World Nobles or the Celestial Dragons.

This long-time rumor somewhat supports the fact why the World Government keeps on protecting him and ensuring he is alive all throughout the series. Maybe in One Piece Chapter 830, either Sanji will tell about his background or someone discovers it can be anticipated.

According to most of the fans in One Piece Reddit forum, they are expecting to see the whole chapter dedicated for Sanji since they haven’t seen him for quite some time from the whole series. Thus, this can be true in the next chapter.

Discovery of Pekoms and Pudding as comrades can be expected in the upcoming One Piece Chapter 830 as well. Hof Mag cites Pekoms will declare he’s Big Mom’s informant. Pudding as his former comrade is much predicted.

In our previous report, we noted that Jinbe’s life will probably be seen a bit in the next chapter though most of the fans expect it’ll be for Sanji.

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Aside from Sanji, Jinbe’s former life before he allied with Big Mom including his marriage will possibly be included. In One Piece Chapter 830, he’ll save Straw Hats Pirates from Big Mom’s wrath, too.

In general, fans can expect a lot from the next chapter particularly on Sanji and Jinbe’s lives before they got their selves in piracy. If that happens, the mysterious histories of these two big characters will finally be solved after a long time.

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