One Piece Chapter 831 Release Date, Spoilers, Predictions: Jinbe loses one arm, joins Straw Hat Pirates, Luffy gets Big Mom’s Road Poneglyph

One Piece chapter 831

One Piece Chapter 831 spoilers and predictions revealed Jinbe’s fate of losing one arm when he negotiated with Big Mom’s roulette to free him to finally join Luffy’s Straw Hat Pirates.

In our previous report, we mentioned Jinbe’s desire to join Straw Hat Pirates and leave Fishman race. Being long time Big Mom’s ally, he took the courage to tell his comrades about negotiating with Big Mom for his freedom.

“‘Straw Hat Luffy’ is a man who will eventually change this world. He may still be a bit wet behind the ears … But I sincerely believe that the one who will rule the seas will not be any of the four Yonko. But ‘Straw Hat Luffy’ himself,” Jinbe said.

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Unfortunately, his condition will lead him to lose one of his body parts. The result will base from Big Mom’s roulette. It was not revealed in Chapter 830. Predictions said it would be one of his arms.

He already knew the consequence of his decision which included dangerous dealings with Big Mom. However, he already noted he would do anything to join Luffy’s journey in One Piece chapter 830.

“I would like to aid this man in his endeavors!!! I wish to board his ship and sacrifice this life of mine for him if need be!!! I assure that these actions will, in the end, result in a fight for the true freedom for the Fishman race as well!!!” he continued.

Yibada reported Jinbe will succeed in escaping the roulette unharmed in One Piece Chapter 831. He will meet Monkey D. Luffy at the shore if Straw Hat Pirates captain decided to go back and crush Big Mom’s and her pirate crew.

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Pedro advised Luffy to get Big Mom’s Road Poneglyph to successfully search for Sanji in chapter 830. Thus, he would likely go back to Big Mom and probably save Jinbe from the roulette. If this happens, there would be a big war between Luffy and Big Mom including their respective pirate crews in One Piece Chapter 831.

According to One Piece Verse, it is also expected Luffy will crash the wedding. Luffy felt raged with the situation after not seeing Sanji because Pudding will not have him breaking her promise.

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