One Piece Chapter 833, 834 Spoilers: Sanji marries Pudding; Germa Kingdom continues alliance with Big Mom

One Piece Chapter 833 834 spoilers ft Sanji marries Pudding
One Piece chapter 833 opened with battle between Sanji and Janjji. The Germa Kingdom king defeated his son and forced him to marry Pudding. What comes next for One Piece chapter 834? Will Sanji marry Pudding for real or finally escape with Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates’ help?

One Piece chapter 833 entirely revolved around Sanji’s history on how he hated his family. Along with his childhood back story, his father forced him to marry Big Mom’s daughter Pudding.

From the manga’s previous chapter, Sanji has made it clear with his sister he didn’t want to marry Charlotte Pudding at all. He merely wanted to make clear and peaceful negotiations with his family in behalf of the Straw Hat Pirates.

However, he does not have any other choice but to do what his father wants. His father, Janjji, stands as the king of the Germa Kingdom that desired to conquer and rule the Northern seas. This dream doesn’t suit Sanji’s taste. In fact, he didn’t care about it.

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As much as his father wanted him to cooperate, Sanji remained adamant to his decision to forget his royalty and pursue what his heart desires. He wanted to be with Monkey D. Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates crew and cook for them like any other simple man does.

He simply desired to have a simple life as a pirate. But his royal blood and being part of the Vinsmoke bloodline haunted him all the time. Hence, he battled against his own father in One Piece chapter 833.

Yet, he was defeated with the superb electro magnetic shock capabilities of his father’s henchmen. His powerful kicks didn’t match with theirs. At the end, Janjji forced him to wear the device (only worn by slaves) which is somewhat a bomb. He explained that that device will blow up if Sanji doesn’t do what he commands.

One Piece chapter 833 ended with Janjji’s statement on maintaining his alliance with Big Mom. If he saw Sanji could create a great pirate crew, he might be his ally in the future. In the moment, there is no other way but to make him a bait for Big Mom.

According to Janjji, there is no way out. He told his son he didn’t even want Sanji to marry Pudding. But for the sake of alliance, he will do.

It is expected that in One Piece chapter 834, the wedding of Sanji and Pudding might be organized. But hopefully, the Straw Hat Pirates can make it and save their comrade from lifetime regret and trap.

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If this happens, Sanji’s desire to cook and live a simple life with them will become a reality. It could be that his own father will soon realize that by making his own son a bait is not the correct way of ruling the kingdom to be strong.

But by being powerful alone without the need to depend on allies like in the present. Maybe, Luffy can do something about it in One Piece chapter 834.

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