One Piece Chapter 833 predicts Sanji fights by fists with his father Vinsmoke Janjji, runs away from wedding [SPOILERS]

One Piece chapter 833 predicts Sanji fights with Janjji
One Piece chapter 833 predicts Sanji will have a brutal fist fight with his father Vinsmoke while thinking of running away with wedding, leaving Pudding.

One Piece chapter 833 predicted Sanji’s fist fight with his own father, Vinsmoke Janjji who is also the King of the Germa Kingdom. There was also a clear hint wherein the Straw Hat Pirates’ “Black Leg” might run away from his wedding and leave Pudding.

Luffy and the entire Straw Hat Pirates were still trapped in the Whole Cake Island in the Southwestern coast. The 25-page chapter started with the crew’s attempt to escape from the island after discovery of Seducing Woods’ mystery. Everyone knew everything that surrounded the Cake Island were mere trap.

Nami, Carrot, Chopper, and others were running for their lives. The monster buried in the ground ran after them along with other monsters in the island. Luffy’s impostor tried to stop Nami, which later transformed as the 8th daughter of the Charlotte family and Big Mom’s daughter, Charlotte Brulee.

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Sanji, on the other hand, stayed in Germa Kingdom. This is where his royal blood is well-known for. His father, Vinsmoke Janjji, built the entire dozens of ship to rule the North Blue and the Northern seas. In the chapter, Yonji tried to convince Sanji to leave his mundane pirate life and join the family and rule the world.

Yet, he was not convinced at all. In fact, he explained he has already forgotten his royal roots and being the son of the Vinsmoke Janjji for long time. “I made it crystal clear that I wanted nothing to do with any of you!!! We’re no longer family!” Sanji said.

“Our father’s dream is for Germa to rule over the entirety of the Northern seas once more. Nothing’s wrong with a man brandishing his fame and power!” Yonji explained.

During the conversion, Sanji revealed he didn’t like to marry Big Mom’s daughter Charlotte Pudding. Although Yonji liked her a lot to be her sister-in-law, Sanji disliked the idea of marrying her at all. This hinted to a possible run-away groom in the next chapter.

One Piece chapter 832 ended with Janjji’s invitation to have a fist fight with his own son Sanji. “I’ll have you know that boy’s strength is quite formidable. Then I suppose mine just happens to be more so let’s take this outside. Men can only speak clearly with one another using their fists,” he cited.

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Hence, it is predictable in One Piece chapter 833, Sanji and Janjji will have a brutal fist fight while thinking of  Sanji’s hidden motive to quit from the planned wedding. He might also leave Big Mom’s daughter Pudding. Perhaps, in tears.

Another thrill to anticipate in the next chapter is how could Monkey D. Luffy and the entire Straw Hat Pirates survive and escape from the Whole Cake Island. Would they able to get out alive and safe given Charlotte Brulee intervened? Or another battle will dawn between her and the Straw Hat Pirates?

We’ll find out during One Piece Chapter 833 release next week.

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