One Piece Chapter 834, 835 Spoilers, Predictions: Capone Bege kills Pekoms; Jinbe helps the Strawhat Pirates escape in Seducing Woods

One Piece Chapter 831 spoilers reveal Luffy wars Big Mom
In One Piece Chapter 831 spoilers, a Japanese blogger and fan revealed excerpts from the manga series. In the chapter, Luffy went back to Big Mom to fight.

One Piece chapter 834 featured different scenes involving Sanji, Brook, Pedro, Pekoms, Caesar Clown and the Strawhat Pirates in the Seducing Woods.

One Piece chapter 834 started with the conversation between Sanji, Reiju and Jajji. Reiju succeeded to put a collar into Sanji’s hands to force him to marry Pudding. The collar was the same as what the Celestial Dragons used on their slaves.

Jajji threatened Sanji to damage his hands once he tried to run away from the wedding. Sanji tried to get rid of the collar but the only way to remove it is to get the control device from Big Mom.

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Meanwhile, in the vicinity of Sweet City, the news about Jinbe quitting Big Mom Pirates quickly spread. Recalling in the past chapters, Charlotte Linlin asked for a ‘payment’ from Jinbe if he was really serious about quitting her crew.

It was not revealed what exactly the payment was. However, there are speculations that it could be one of Jinbe’s limbs. Brook and Pedro learned about the news. The musician remembered the time when Jinbe refused to join their crew.

Jinbe said that he has still a mission and decided to finish it first. From the time he accomplished his mission, he promised to join the Strawhat Pirates only if he is still welcome to join. It is very suspicious on how Big Mom’s intel easily gathered all the information about the Strawhat Pirates.

Luffy and the others were near to be captured in the Seducing Woods where they are currently engaged with one of Big Mom’s daughters. There are speculations that the traitor might be either Lady Pudding, Pedro or Carrot. But, there has been no strong evidence to prove the claim.

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Capone Bege, one of Big Mom’s allies and informants, was about to kill Pekoms. Recalling in the past chapter, Pekoms went missing and left a note to the Strawhat Pirates. This could strengthen the suspicion that a traitor is inside the Thousand Sunny.

Meanwhile, Big Mom ordered Caesar Clown to continue his experiment about the ‘Gigantitying Formula’. The lady Yonkou prepared everything for Caesar’s research including the replica of his former laboratory. The Minister of Candy, Charlotte Perospero, built the laboratory and threatened to turn the scientist into a candy if he failed to finish the research in two weeks.

One Piece chapter 835 is expected to show how Luffy and the others will manage to escape from the Seducing Woods. Will Jinbe arrive and help them? Also, it will reveal whether Capone Bege succeeded to kill Pekoms.

One Piece chapter 835 will be released on August 8, 2016.

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