One Piece Chapter 836, 837 Spoilers and Predictions: Big Mom’s Vivre card helps the Strawhat Pirates escape

One Piece Wikia Lola
One Piece Wikia Lola

One Piece chapter 836 revolved around the Strawhat Pirates, who is currently trapped inside the Seducing Woods. Luffy will be fighting one of the three sweet commanders of the Big Mom Pirates, Charlotte Cracker.

One Piece Chapter 836 featured Nami slowly realizing that the ‘Lola’ the giant buried guy was pertaining to was also her friend. The lady navigator remembered all the clues in the past including the Vivre card that Lola gave to her in the ‘Thriller Bark Arc’.

Lola said in the past that she was born in the New World. Also, she revealed that her mother was a very powerful pirate. Once the Strawhat Pirates are in danger, Lola said that they could ask the help of her mother.

Meanwhile, another character appeared that cause fear inside the Seducing Woods. The rabbit and the bird that was about to attack the Strawhat Pirates immediately stopped and trembled in fear.

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It was revealed that he was one of the three sweet commanders of the Big Mom Pirates, Charlotte Cracker. Luffy sensed that he was a powerful man. Cracker revealed the upcoming gathering of the Vinsmoke family in Big Mom’s headquarter.

Cracker was accompanied by King Baum, the Master of the Forest of Temptation. Charlotte Brulee interfered and showed her hostages, Carrot and Chopper. He broke the mirror where the two were in. Luckily, they were still alive.

Charlotte Cracker threatened to kill the giant buried guy, Pound. He wanted to get rid of one of Big Mom’s husbands, saying that he had no use for them anymore. Luffy stopped and kicked Cracker.

All of the things in the Seducing Woods runaway to escape from the attack of Cracker. Nami and the giant buried guy also tried to run but was chased by the enemy. Nami thought of a way on how to get rid of the monsters.

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She showed the Vivre card that Lola gave to her. The enemy immediately sensed the ‘soul’ of Big Mom in the paper and stopped chasing Nami. Brulee became confuse with their reaction. Meanwhile, Luffy was having a hard time beating Cracker in their one-on-one fight.

Nami warned Luffy in not using his full power since their main goal is to save Sanji. However, it seems like Luffy will be forced to use his full strength in order to beat the enemy. One Piece chapter 836 officially revealed that Lola is Big Mom’s daughter.

One Piece chapter 837 is expected to reveal what will happen to the Strawhat Pirates inside the Seducing Woods. Big Mom’s Vivre card will surely play a big role in their fate. There is a possibility that the enemy, including Cracker and Brulee, will hesitate to attack the Strawhat Pirates because of the ‘trump card’ they are holding.

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