One Piece Chapter 837 Spoilers: Monkey D. Luffy unleashed ‘Gear 5th: Monkey God Awakening’ vs Charlotte Cracker

One Piece
One Piece

One Piece Chapter 837 is expected to feature the fight between Monkey D. Luffy and Charlotte Cracker. Due to the seriousness of the bout, there are speculations that Luffy will finally unleash ‘Gear 5th: Monkey God Awakening’.

One Piece Chapter 836 showed the Strawhat Pirates currently trapped in the Seducing Woods. The situation worsen when two powerful enemies appeared – Charlotte Cracker (One of the three sweet commanders of the Big Mom Pirates) and King Baum (Master of the Forest of Temptation).

Cracker tried to kill the giant buried guy, Pound. Luckily, Luffy saved him and started a fight against Big Mom’s son. Knowing that Cracker is feared by the things in the Seducing Woods obviously, implies that he is really a powerful man.

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Also, the past chapter revealed that Cracker has a bounty of 860,000 berries. In One Piece, the more powerful a character becomes, the higher his bounty is. This means that Charlotte Cracker can be compared to one of the Warlords or even to the Yonkous.

Luffy is also a well-known pirate after creating a havoc in the Marineford and defeating Donquixote Doflamingo. However, in his fight against the Warlord, it has been revealed that Luffy was still missing something in his ability – Awakening.

Now that Luffy will be facing a stronger opponent, it is expected that he will unleash new skills or level up his power to win. OneWorldHD speculated that Luffy will show his new power in his fight against Charlotte Cracker.

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Luffy already maximized the ability of Gear 4th so there is a possibility that he will now be showing Gear 5th, including Awakening. Awakening is also called the Perfection of Devil Fruits. This power has the ability to match the Navy Admirals and the Yonkous.

When Rayleigh left Luffy, he said that the Strawhat Pirates captain needed something more ‘efficient’ than Gear 4th. Once Luffy obtains this power, there is no doubt that he can conquer the New World and beat all the Yonkous.

One Piece Chapter 837 is also expected to feature Big Mom Pirates crew’s reaction with the Vivre card shown by Nami. It was proven that Charlotte Linlin was the real mother of Lola. This means that the Strawhat Pirates have the chance to escape from the Seducing Woods.

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