One Piece Chapter 838, 839 Spoilers and Predictions: Luffy unleashes Gear 5th ‘Monkey God Awakening’; Ichiji and Niji beat Sanji

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One Piece

One Piece Chapter 838 featured the continuation of the battle between Charlotte Cracker and Monkey D. Luffy. The fight is getting more intense as Cracker revealed his true power.

Luffy decided to use Gear 4th and attacked Charlotte Cracker using Kong Gun. The attack seemed to be very effective to Big Mom’s son and made the fans believed that Luffy succeeded to defeat the enemy.

Unfortunately, it was only a shield of the true Cracker created by the power of the ‘Bisc Bisc Fruit’. Luffy insisted that he saw him coughing blood, but the enemy said that it was only a special concoction of jam. To everyone’s surprise, Crackers’ face on the wanted posters is very different to his true face.

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Cracker created more shields made of biscuits. Luffy used his full strength to destroy all the shields, but the enemy can easily create a new one. The only way he can defeat Cracker is to hit him directly. However, the shields surrounding him made it harder for the Strawhat Pirates captain.

Meanwhile, Nami continued to scare the enemies using Big Mom’s Vivre card. Cracker and Brulee have not seen it since they were busy fighting. Will the Vivre card save them from the hands of Big Mom’s crew?

Chopper and Carrot are still trapped inside Brulee’s Mirror World. It is connected to every mirror in Big Mom’s territory. Chopper wanted Carrot to call him ‘Bropper’ short for Brother Chopper. Bropper said that he has a plan for them to escape from Brulee’s Mirror World.

In Sweet City, everyone is busy in the near wedding of Sanji and Pudding. Pedro and Brook are still on their infiltrating mission to steal the Poneglyph of Big Mom. The Vinsmoke family, including Sanji, is near to arrive in the Whole Cake Island.

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Charlotte Linlin asked his henchmen about the situation of the Strawhat Pirates. As everyone knows, the lady Yonkou does not want to see anyone interfering in the upcoming celebration. With the arrival of Ichiji and Niji, the Vinsmoke family is now complete and ready to go so Sanji’s wedding.

One Piece Chapter 839 is expected to reveal the conclusion of the battle between Luffy and Cracker. In the current situation, it seems like Big Mom’s son has the upper hand in their fight. However, knowing Luffy, he can think of a new technique that will enable him to defeat the enemy.

One Piece Chapter 839 will also feature the arrival of the Vinsmoke family in Big Mom’s territory. But first, it is expected to reveal what will happen in the reunion of Sanji and his two brothers, Ichiji and Niji.

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