One Piece Chapter 839, 840 Review, Spoilers: Owner Zeff’s life in danger; Sanji forced to marry Pudding; Germa 66 ‘Artificial Army’ revealed!

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One Piece Chapter 839 features the Vinsmoke family and the massive army of Germa 66. With the current situation, it seems like Sanji has no choice but to marry Lady Pudding for the sake of Owner Zeff.

One Piece Chapter 839 started with the dinner of the Vinsmoke family. Niji and Ichiji came back to attend the wedding of their brother, Sanji. It was revealed in this chapter that the Germa 66 is affiliated with the World Government. However, they want to unite with Big Mom pirates to reach their ultimate goal.

While eating, Niji continued to insult Sanji, telling him anything he could remember about their past. Sanji reminded his brother to finish his meal and do not waste any food. Niji blamed the taste of the food and asked for the head cook.

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Head chef Cossette appeared and Niji immediately threw the plate onto her. Sanji protected the pitiful lady and praised her cooking. Reiju was amazed by the attitude of his brother. Of all the member of the Vinsmoke family, only Sanji treats their subordinate right.

Black Leg expressed how disappointed he was being part of their family. The simple misunderstanding of Niji and Sanji turned into a serious problem when Sanji’s father showed a photo of Owner Zeff.

Sanji treats Owner Zeff as his own father since he was the one who raised him when he was young. Owner Zeff also thought Sanji of his cooking skills. Sanji owed everything to Owner Zeff, especially for saving his life.

Vinsmoke Judge threatened to kill Owner Zeff if Sanji will ruin his wedding with Lady Pudding. Same thing will happen if he insists on returning to the Strawhat Pirates. Black Leg was left in a huge dilemma and could not think of what to do.

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When he left the dining hall, he saw the dead body of Cossette, who was probably killed by Niji. Yonji said that he will lead his brother to Niji’s location. However, they entered to a place familiar to Sanji.

One Piece Chapter 839 revealed that the Vinsmoke family and the Germa 66 were hiding a deep secret inside their territory. Germa 66 was known as one of the most powerful military force in the world. However, it seems like they are using artificial humans as their army.

One Piece Chapter 840 is expected to reveal everything about the factory of the artificial army. This will finally show how the Germa 66 achieve such power and reputation from the World Government. Also, it is expected to feature the near wedding of Sanji and Lady Pudding.

Photo courtesy: One Piece Ex/Facebook

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