One Piece Chapter 839 Release Date, Spoilers: Eiichiro Oda takes a one week break; Can Luffy finally learn Awakening

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One Piece Chapter 831 spoilers reveal Luffy wars Big Mom
In One Piece Chapter 831 spoilers, a Japanese blogger and fan revealed excerpts from the manga series. In the chapter, Luffy went back to Big Mom to fight.

The next chapter of One Piece will not be released this week as the creator of the popular Anime, Eiichiro Oda, decided to take a break. However, theories and speculations regarding what could possibly happen continue to surface the web.

One Piece Chapter 839 will be expected to feature the continuation of the battle between Monkey D. Luffy and Charlotte Cracker. The fight is set to become more intense as the enemy reveals his true power.

Everyone thought that Luffy already defeated the enemy when he attacked him using Kong Gun. To his surprise, the one that he destroyed was only Cracker’s shield. The enemy created more copies that made it hard for Luffy to defeat the real Cracker.

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Luffy’s ‘Gear 4th’ has its limits. As shown in his battle against Donquixote Doflamingo, Luffy’s power vanished when it reached its time limit. With the current situation, it seems like Luffy will be needing a longer time to defeat Charlotte Cracker.

Having a bounty of more than 800 million Beli, Big Mom’s executive must be really strong. If the battle continues with its pace, there is a higher possibility that Luffy will end up being the loser. There were speculations that Luffy will finally learn Gear 5th “Monkey God Awakening”.

As said by Doflamingo, Awakening is the strongest power of the devil fruit users. It does not only affect the user’s clothes but also their surroundings. Luffy always finds a way to defeat the enemy but there is no official confirmation if he can already learn Awakening.

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One Piece Chapter 839 will also feature the near wedding of Sanji and Lady Pudding. Black Leg’s brothers, Ichiiji and Niji, have already arrived and they will be heading to the Whole Cake Islands.

Chopper and Carrot were still trapped inside Charlotte Brulee’s Mirror World. However, Chopper already found a way on how can they escape. Big Mom’s Vivre card could also play a major role in their fate inside her territory.

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