One Piece Chapter 840 Release Date, Spoilers: Yonji reveals the secret of Germa 66 and their artificial army

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One Piece Manga release changed to monthly and Chapter 832 spoilers reveal Pedro and Brook to steal poneglyph
One Piece manga release might change from weekly to monthly. Shueshia denied claims. Chapter 832 release was also delayed until next week.

One Piece Chapter 840 is expected to reveal more about the Vinsmoke family, including the Germa 66 and their artificial army. With the death of Cossette, Sanji will surely engage with a fight against his brother, Niji. Did Niji really kill the lady chef?

The last chapter of One Piece featured the gathering of the Vinsmoke family in the dining hall. The dispute between Sanji and Niji started when the latter did not finish his meal. Niji blamed the taste of the food and called head chef Cossette.

Niji threw the plate to Cossette but was luckily saved by Sanji. After the dinner, Sanji found the dead body of Cossette where Yonji said that Niji done the crime. However, some people believe that it was Yonji’s plan to worsen the relationship of Sanji with Niji.

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Yonji said that he will accompany Sanji to Niji’s location but they have entered a familiar place to Black Leg. Inside the room was a factory of artificial humans. It is believed that this could be the major reason behind the Germa 66 military power. Their armies were well-known as one of the most advanced and respected worldwide.

It remains a mystery why Yonji brought Sanji to that room when he said that they will be going to Niji’s location. Yonji must be planning something that will be putting Sanji’s life in danger. Knowing how Sanji easily beat his brother, Yonji must be keen on taking a revenge.

Jajji Vinsmoke, Sanji’s father, threatened to kill Owner Zeff if he will not marry Lady Pudding. Sanji owed everything to Owner Zeff, including his own life. With this, Sanji has no choice but to marry Big Mom’s daughter. However, the Strawhat Pirates will surely find a way to get their crew back.

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There are speculations that Lady Pudding will be helping Sanji to be back from his friends. Luffy and Nami are currently engaging in a fight against Cracker and Brulee while Carrot and Chopper are inside the Mirror World. The Mirror World could be the reason why Big Mom knew everything about the arrival of the Strawhat Pirates in the Whole Cake Island.

As Chopper said in the past One Piece episode, he already knew how to get him and Carrot out of Mirror World. One Piece Chapter 840 is expected to be released on September 21, 2016.

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