One Piece Chapter 840 Spoilers, Release Date: Vinsmoke – the family of cyborg; Lady Pudding helps Sanji escape, reunite with the Strawhat Pirates

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One Piece Chapter 830 spoilers Sanji
One Piece chapter 830 spoilers, predictions reveal Sanji’s history including his being part of royalty, World Government as well as Jinbe’s marriage.

The last chapter of One Piece features the factory of the artificial humans owned by the Vinsmoke family. There are speculations that Sanji is the only remaining human among the Vinsmokes that could be the major reason why they are forcing him to marry Big Mom’s daughter, Lady Pudding.

One Piece Chapter 839 started with the reunion of the Vinsmoke family. It is very noticeable that Ichiiji, Niji, Yonji, and Reiju have similar attitudes, showing no respect to their subordinates. Judge, Sanji’s father, threatens to kill Owner Zeff if Sanji will resist from marrying Big Mom’s daughter.

The unity of the Charlotte and Vinsmoke will benefit both families in fulfilling their own selfish motives. Judge also said that Sanji should not consider returning back to the Strawhat Pirates if he does not want anything to happen to Owner Zeff.

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Sanji is now in a huge dilemma and has no choice but to obey his father’s order. Meanwhile, the dispute between Sanji and Niji continued with the death of Cossette. This could be the plan of Yonji led by his strong hatred to his brother.

Yonji led Sanji to Niji’s locations but they entered into a familiar place to Black Leg. Sanji saw a laboratory where artificial humans are made. This could be one of the major reasons behind the respectable military power of Germa 66.

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As everyone knows, Big Mom’s intention on closing his ties with the Vinsmoke family is to strengthen his military force. This is a continuous tradition in Charlotte family where most of Big Mom’s son and daughter marry for her goal to be the most powerful Yonkou.

However, it remains questionable why Judge wasted time to find Sanji if Yonji, Niji, or Ichiiji can marry Lady Pudding. There are speculations that Sanji’s brothers are already turned into ‘cyborgs’, removing their ability to reproduce. This could be the reason why they really want Sanji back on their family.

One Piece Chapter 840 is expected to reveal more about the secret of the Vinsmoke family. With the near wedding of Sanji and Lady Pudding, will the Strawhat Pirates get their cook back?

One Piece Chapter 840 raw scan is expected to be released on September 16, 2016.

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