One Piece Chapter 841 Spoilers: Sanji reveals true power; Luffy discovers ‘Gear 5th Technique’

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One Piece Chapter 841 spoilers
Based on One Piece Chapter 841 spoilers, Sanji finally escapes imprisonment through either Reiju or Lady Pudding’s help. Luffy discovers new technique.

Latest One Piece Chapter 841 spoilers revealed about Sanji’s high chances to escape from Big Mom’s enslavement. According to the rumors, it is either Reiju, who is the eldest and the only daughter of the Vinsmoke family or Lady Pudding, Big Mom’s daughter will help him get his freedom.

In our earlier report, we wrote that there is a big reason behind the plan to unite the Charlotte and the Vinsmoke families, which is obviously to fulfil their selfish motives. The Vinsmoke Judge, aka Jajji, who is Sanji’s father has already affirmed in the earlier chapters about his intentions to rule the north seas.

With that said, the only way to make this plan achievable is to orchestrate Sanji and Lady Pudding’s marriage. However, both parties have already been against this plan. In fact, Jajji expressed he does not want Big Mom and Sanji wished to escape and to regain his freedom with his Straw Hat Pirates comrades.

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Based on the recent spoilers released, Jajji will find out that defending himself from Sanji is impossible, as his son possessed a stronger power, which remains unknown until now. Yet, theories suggested that he might have possessed the Black Haki to counteract the bracelet’s devastating effect, Gamenguide reported.

Because of Jajji’s fear, he suddenly decided to imprison Sanji with maximum security. The former forced his son to wear an Iron Mask and implemented a strict rule saying that the former Straw Hat Pirate cook can only take off this mask during his meal times. Other than the given time, taking off the mask is highly disallowed.

While he’s imprisoned, Sanji recalled the times when he started to learn cooking and when his brothers Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji beat him up. At that time, he read a book entitled “All Blue.”

Moreover, Sanji’s only sister Reiju realized the need to help her brother to escape this dark life. With escaping, Jajji accidentally saw Sanji outside the prison. Surprisingly, Jajji decided not to stop him. Rather, he advised him not to talk about him and his family background with other people.

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Moreover, One Piece Chapter 841 spoilers have also revealed incidents wherein Luffy ate Cracker’s biscuit soldiers in the Seducing Woods. In addition to that, Mobipicker has also mentioned about Luffy’s stronger technique developed as “Gear 5th Technique” to fight.

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