One Piece Chapter 843, 844 Recap, Spoilers: Sanji versus Luffy; Nami gets Black Leg’s ‘real message’

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One Piece Chapter 843 features Monkey D. Luffy finally defeating one of Big Mom’s sweet commanders, Charlotte Cracker, using his improved Gear 4th. The enemy was sent flying to an unknown direction and surprisingly landed in the Whole Cake Chateau.

Charlotte Linlin summoned all his three sweet commanders as they wait for the arrival of the Vinsmoke family. Lord Katakuri and Lord  Smoothie were already present but Cracker is still missing. The citizens, including Big Mom’s sons and daughters, were shocked after seeing a badly beaten Cracker flying toward their location.

Charlotte Mont D’Or (19th son, Minister of Cheese), Charlotte Opera (5th sons, Minister of Whipped Cream), and Charlotte Galette (18th daughters, Minister of Butter) wanted to avenge their brother from Strawhat Luffy.

In the Seducing Woods, Luffy is still digesting a large amount of biscuits stored in his stomach. Pound apologized for not having faith in them but warned them to leave the place immediately before Big Mom knew what happened.

Pound said that there were rumors that Big Mom and Cracker once avenge Commander Snack from an enemy. The giant guy also revealed Big Mom’s power, saying that she has the ability to manipulate and control the weather. Her left hand can summon “Zeus”, the thunder cloud and her right hand can summon “Prometheus”, the sun.

After hearing Pound’s story, Nami and Luffy don’t seem to be worried and decided to stick to their plan. The lady navigator continuously uses Big Mom’s Vivre card to threaten the enemies. One Piece Chapter 843 confirms how powerful the Vivre card is. As one of the enemies revealed, only an important person to Big Mom can have such thing.

Nami commanded King Baum to bring them to the castle. As expected, Sanji and the Vinsmoke family arrived at Whole Cake Island. While on their way, Nami saw Chopper and Carrot in the mirror. The raccoon and the rabbit said that they are just fine but looks like they are having trouble inside Brulee’s Mirror World.

Luffy was finally back to his normal form and revealed that using Gear 4th burned lots of calories. As they go near the castle, King Baum sighted the Vinsmoke family, together with the Germa 66 army. A soldier warned Judge that an unidentified object was running towards them.

Luffy called Sanji from afar and expressed his excitement after seeing his friend for a long time. Yonji and Ichiji’s eyes turned into heart upon seeing Nami. Sanji was surprised and somewhat happy but he remembered the consequences if he tried to disobey his father.

Black Leg had no choice but to turn his back on his friends. As a way of convincing his father, Sanji insulted the Strawhat Pirates, saying that he would never choose his life as a pirate with his life now as a prince. Luffy and Nami were surprised with how Sanji treated them and seemed like a fight could happen between the captain and the cook.

One Piece Chapter 844 will surely feature the continuation of the argument between Sanji and Luffy. Nami could realize why Sanji said such thing. Luffy and Nami will be in big trouble as soon as Big Mom learned what happened to Cracker.

As of now, it remains a mystery how can the Strawhat Pirates bring their cook back. Now that the Vinsmoke family is finally in the Whole Cake Island, the wedding of Sanji and Lady Pudding will be happening soon.

Photo courtesy: One piece anime and manga/Facebook

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