One Piece Chapter 843 Release Date, Spoilers: After taking Luffy’s ‘Cannon’, Cracker crashes Big Mom’s HQ, ruins wedding preparation; Reiju sacrifice herself to help Sanji escape

One Piece Chapter 843 is expected to reveal the conclusion of the battle between Monkey D. Luffy and Charlotte Cracker as the Strawhat Pirates captain took advantage of the enemy’s power. Unfortunately, Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, decided to take a one week break delaying the release of the next chapter.

One Piece Chapter 842 featured Luffy and his improved Gear 4th after eating Cracker’s biscuit soldiers. Nami created an artificial rain using his power to soften the biscuits, enabling Luffy to devour them easily. Cracker has no choice but to fight alone since his allies were not helping him because of Big Mom’s Vivre card held by the lady Navigator.

Cracker attacked Luffy using ‘Pretzel’ but has no effect on the Strawhat Pirates captain. Instead, Luffy showed the ‘power of fullness’ absorbing Cracker and his sword in his body. When the enemy was trapped, Luffy immediately hit him using ‘cannon’ and sent Cracker flying in an unknown direction.

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The amount of power released by Luffy was expected to be in an incredible amount and there are speculations that it will be sending Cracker to Big Mom’s headquarter. Big Mom and her crew were busy in their preparation for the arrival of Vinsmoke family and the nearing wedding of Sanji and Lady Pudding.

However, with Cracker heading towards their location, there is a higher possibility that he will ruin everything that they prepared, causing a delay for the celebration. This could give the Strawhat Pirates an extra time to make a plan in getting back their cook.

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Of all Sanji’s siblings, Reiju is the only person who cares for Black Leg. It was revealed in the past chapter that she helped Sanji escaped from the cruelty of their family. Though Reiju said that she will not be helping him escape, this time, a change of heart is still possible for a big sister who wants her little brother to be happy again.

With One Piece taking a one week break, expect more speculations to circulate regarding what will happen to the upcoming chapter.

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