One Piece Chapter 844, 845 Review, Spoilers: Luffy goes on a hunger strike to get Sanji back; Lady Pudding helps Black Leg reunite with the Strawhat Pirates

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One Piece Chapter 844 entitled “Luffy vs Sanji” featured a saddening scene as Black Leg bids farewell to his captain and lady navigator. With Luffy going on a hunger strike, will Sanji change his mind and return to his friends?

One Piece Chapter 844 started with the argument between Sanji and Luffy. Black Leg continues to throw some insulting words to his captain and said that he has no interest in becoming a pirate. However, everyone knows that Sanji is only saying it to convince his father and does not really intend to part ways with his friends.

Luffy believed that Sanji was only lying and he still wanted to become a pirate for his dream – ‘All Blue’. Sanji coated his leg with a fire that amazed the Germa 66. Since he left the Germa Kingdom when he was young, his power has tremendously increased and there is a higher possibility that he is more powerful than his brothers.

Sanji attacked Luffy but his captain did not fight back. Nami tried to stop Sanji and said that Luffy already obtained a heavy damage in his battle against Charlotte Cracker. Unfortunately, this did not stop Sanji from attacking until Luffy was knocked down. When Sanji and the Vinsmoke family was about to leave, Nami gave him a slap and said goodbye.

Luffy left a message for their cook:

“I’m not budging an inch from this spot. If you don’t come back soon, then this will be the final resting spot of my shriveled up corpse after I starve to death. There’s no way I’m letting the best chef go away easily. In fact, I’m not taking a bite of anything unless it comes from your hands.”

“Without you, I can’t become the Pirate King.”

Sanji can’t help but cry while his brothers were laughing at what they have witnessed. Reiju asked Sanji if they should stop but Black Leg told them to proceed. Will Luffy and Nami give up in getting their cook back? Will Sanji let his captain die in hunger?

One Piece Chapter 845 is expected to feature the meeting of the Vinsmoke family with Big Mom. As the wedding draws near, Sanji and Lady Pudding will finally see each other and there is a possibility that she could help Black Leg return to his friends.

In a suggested scenario, Lady Pudding could say that she does not like Sanji and could pick among Yonji, Niji, and Ichiji as his husband. Everyone knows that the only reason behind the wedding is to strengthen the bond between the Charlotte and Vinsmoke family.

One Piece Chapter 845 will be released next week.

Photo courtesy: One piece anime and manga/Facebook

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