One Piece Episode 746 Jack’s Japanese voice actor finally revealed

One Piece Episode 746

“One Piece” Episode 746 character update reveals a new character as well as the Japanese voice actor with its episode, “The Numerous Rivals Struggle Amongst Themselves – The Raging Monsters of the New World.”

The new “One Piece” episode airs this week with an expected debut of the long-awaited and most anticipated anime character Jack.

Along with his debut is the announcement of Jack’s voice actor, Kenji Nomura. Before Jack, Kenji Nomura voiced other iconic Japanese animes like Kuromarimo in Drum Island arc, Braham in Skypeia and Bobby Funk for Dressrosa arc.

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Nomura previously voiced Santana in “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure,” Makoto Otawara in “Eyeshield 21,” Yujiro Hanma in “Baki” and few characters in “Kinnikuman the Second” and “Ultimate Muscle” anime series.

Jack’s appearance last week teased with a short scene for this week’s episode. His significant role in Zou anime arc emphasized during his short appearance. Jack, also known as Jack the Drought, is one of Kaido’s three right-hand men or as known as Kaido of the Beasts. He is a prominent member of the Beasts Pirates, one of the three Disasters and captain of the Mammoth.

“One Piece” episodes simulcasts in some countries through their official websites. Meanwhile, fans could also purchase big box sets of 13th, 14, 15th, and 16th installments of the collection sets. “One Piece Box Set: East Blue and Baroque Works (volumes 1-23) and “One Piece Box Set 2: Skypeia and Water Seven (volumes 24-46) were also available on Amazon.

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The third set, “One Piece Box Set 3: Thriller Bark to New World (volumes 47-70) which is the third premium of the series, arrives on October 4, 2016.

“One Piece Box Set 3” contains arcs such as the Thriller Bark, Sabaody, Impel Down, Paramount War, and New World. According to Amazon, they could have an exclusive 48-page mini-comic and double-sided color poster when they purchase pre-orders now.

Photo courtesy: Flickr.com/Antonio Tajuelo (Creative Commons)

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