One Punch Man Season 2 Rumors, Air Date: Yusuke Murata reveals the secret behind the God-like power of Saitama; More powerful antagonists coming soon

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One Punch Man Season 2 is expected to be released this year and there are reports saying that the announcement will be made this month of September. With the nearing return of the popular Anime, various speculations continue to surface the web regarding what will happen on season 2.

One Punch Man Season 1 ended with the battle between Saitama and Lord Boros. As everyone expected, Lord Boros was not the type of opponent who can match the God-like power of Saitama.

As the season 2 approaches, there are rumors that One Punch Man creator Yusuke Murata could create an opponent that can challenge the strength of Saitama. In the end of season 1, there were hints given that Amai Mask and Metal Knight could be the future nemesis.

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Amai Mask, who has not fully shown his true power, expressed his strong disappointment over the Class S heroes. Knowing that they needed to join force just to defeat a single enemy proved that they still need to improve their powers to be considered as the strongest heroes in the planet.

Meanwhile, Metal Knight could be the enemy that Genos was looking for a long time. Recalling when Saitama and the other heroes successfully took down the enemy spaceship, Metal Knight appeared to collect all the usable parts. A hero approached Genos and warned him to be careful with Metal Knight.

According to Manga Panda, producers will be releasing the English dubbed version of season 1 before proceeding to their second installment. With this, the expected release of One Punch Season 2 will be mid-October or November.

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Fans greatly appreaciated the release of the English dubbed version as they don’t need to read any subtitles anymore. On the same report, the release date of One Punch Man season 2 is said to be announced this month of September.

Aside from Amai Mask and Metal Knight, there were also rumors about the possible return of a much powerful Lord Boros. Though he was already defeated by Saitama, their capability to regenerate could make the speculations possible in season 2.

One Punch Man Season 2 is also expected to reveal the real secret behind the God-like power of Saitama.

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