One Punch Man Season 2 Release Date, Updates and Spoilers: Saitama gets a beating from Lord Boros and Garou

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One Punch Man Season 2
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Earlier reports suggest that the release date of One Punch Man Season 2 will be sometime in November but according to latest rumors, it seems like the most anticipated anime series is going to air next year, 2017.

In the first season, fans witnessed the incredible superhuman abilities of Saitama but most of the time, he overwhelms his opponents with only ‘one punch’ ending the fight right away. This kind of affects Saitama at the point of depression because of the fact that can’t seem to find his match.

According to HNGN, One Punch Man Season 2 might be able to showcase a rematch between Saitama against the powerful Lord Boros. In season 1, Saitama emerged as the victor in a very satisfying battle between the two greats but fans are now anticipating a Saitama vs Boros II for next season. If that happens, viewers can expect Boros to seek revenge at either the beginning or latter part of season 2.

Viewers can expect a lot from this rematch but if the rumors are true, Lord Boros will definitely come back a lot stronger and a lot more skilled.

Game N Guide stated that aside from Lord Boros’ rematch against Saitama, there are also rumors that Garou might be the first enemy who will defeat the show’s protagonist. Rumor has it that Garou might also overpower Saitama’s punches in the second season.

Meanwhile, things are getting a little more interesting for One Punch Man Season 2 because there are speculations that the unveiling of Saitama’s secrets about his powerful punches might also be included in season 2. This is, of course, aside from his famous 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats and a 10 kilometer run every day.

In addition to this, rumors also have it that a new hero will be included in season 2. A twist, however, will plague Saitama as the new hero will turn out to be his enemy.

Photo courtesy: One Punch Man/Facebook

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