One Punch Man Season 2 Updates, Release date and Spoilers: 19 episodes, 3 enemies; Will Saitama’s past be explored

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One Punch Man Season 2
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The hugely popular anime series One Punch Man had definitely gathered millions of fans around the world after the success of its first season which was aired from October to December last year. For almost a year, the company behind it did not disclose any news about a season 2 until recently. One Punch Man Season 2 updates have been circulating particularly its release and now that a season 2 has been confirmed, the storyline is now the target of anticipation.

The second season is said to contain 19 episodes compared to first season’s 12. Aside from the episodes, Saitama will also be facing new challenges and new set of enemies in the upcoming season.

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According to iTech Post, Saitama will have three nemesis in the likes of Lord Boros, Amai Mask and Garou. Also included in the rumor mill is that Saitama might face a problem with his powers causing him to lose to one of his fights with the enemies.

Apart from, allegedly, offering more number of episodes, it is also said that the upcoming season will fully explain Saitama’s power source and his life before he became the bald superhero that he is, as this was not fully explored in the previous season.

In an article posted by Encumenical News, rumor also suggest that One Punch Man Season 2 will be based on the web-comic version of the anime called “Hero Hunt” where Saitma and the gang will team-up to fight Garou.

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Meanwhile, rumor also has it that Saitama’s past will be fully explored in the upcoming season. Since the first season did not fully reveal Saitama’s life before he became a superhero, viewers may have the best chance to see the development on that part of the story in season 2.

Aside from these One Punch Man Season 2 updates and rumors, reports are also claiming that the highly anticipated return of the anime series will be after its Toonami’s English-dubbed version, this means that the release is likely between October and November.

Photo courtesy: One Punch Man/Facebook

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