Orange is the New Black Season 4 features new couple & king pin?

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Orange is the New Black season 4
Photo courtesy: Netflix US & Canada/YouTube

Orange is the New Black season 4 returns to Netflix screens with new twists and turns that’ll overturn Litchfield Penitentiary. From relationships developing to a power play that sees the rise of a new king pin, audiences will be on edge to see how it all plays out for the whole new season.

Red and Healy in the Friendzone?

Kate Mulgrew shared with E! that there might be something more to Red and Healy’s relationship. Last season Kate’s character help Healy, played by Michael Harney, deal with his wife.

“I have some interesting things with Michael Harney. I think that it is a deep friendship…it’s an edgy kind of thing and for me to put too fine a point on it would be a mistake,” she told E! at an Orange is the New Black event at PaleyLive’s.

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She also shares that Red has some meaningful encounters with Piper who her characters shares a cell with.

“All of that is overburdened, over shared and overdone and Red’s had quite enough,” she explained of her character’s stance over last season’s events.

The New King Pin?

Meanwhile, with a 100 new inmates flooding the now for profit penitentiary, there are a host of characters audiences have to watch out for, especially one that engages in a power play. Taylor Schilling who plays Piper Chapman discusses how her character will slowly metamorphose into a king pin of sorts.

“She’s becoming a little bit of a kingpin and has this swagger. But the feeling I always have about Piper Chapman is that she tries on everything like a piece of clothing — she doesn’t quite fit the jacket, but she tries it on. And I love that about her,” Schilling revealed to the Christian Times.

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Does this mean Piper is not serious about remaining on top? Will Red and Healy break out of the dubious friendzone?

Watch Orange is the New Black season 4 trailer below to find some more intriguing details about what will go down in Litchfield Penitentiary.

Photo courtesy: Netflix US & Canada/YouTube

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