Orange is the New Black Season 5 predictions, air date, spoilers reveal Bennett’s return, Lolly Whitehall’s fate in Litchfield

Orange is the New Black Season 5 predictions John Bennett returns
Orange is the New Black Season 5 predictions revealed the return of John Bennett, ex-fiance of Daya who impregnated her in Season 3.

Orange is the New Black Season 5 predictions revealed Bennett’s return in the next season. Lori Petty shared Lolly Whitehall’s fate in Litchfield prison.

John Bennett was last seen in Orange is the New Black Season 3 as Dayanara “Daya” Diaz ex-fiance. Albeit no confirmation has been given about his return, it was reported that this might create more tension in the next season.

In Season 3, he drove away from his responsibilities as the father of Daya’s newborn baby who was later named Armaria. Pornstache tried to adopt the baby but the child fell to foster care.

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In the same season, Aleida’s boyfriend Cesar took responsibility of the baby. However, he was arrested. Then, the baby was taken away.

If the writers decided to return John Bennett to Season 5, he has to take the place of George Mendez in prison as far as proving his paternity is concerned. According to Orange is the New Black Season 5 predictions, he may come and intrude into Daya’s life again and could possibly adopt Armaria as his own daughter.

Bustle predicted that he will have his own grand appearance in Litchfield per se specifically after Poussey’s death. This will happen if he won’t appear in the next season adopting his own kid.

It might be possible for John Bennett to appear from his long time hiding during Daya’s murder trial. The intense situation can be enough for him to get out and face her.

On the other hand, Lolly Whitehall’s fate will also be anticipated based from the Orange is the New Black Season 5 predictions. Lori Petty told Huffington Post definitely Lolly Whitehall won’t die at the end of the season.

“No, my ego’s too big to think that. You can’t kill me! You already killed what I think is one of the greatest actors on our show, Samira Wiley. You can’t kill everybody in the house!” she exclaimed.

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In addition, she also explained how Lolly is directly linked with Mr. Healy inside the Litchfield prison. “He’s like a compadre where he’s maybe supposed to be more of a boss. But I think the two of them had a real special connection where maybe he saw his mother or maybe he saw himself in her,” Petty explained.

She also shared her personal feelings towards her character as Lolly Whitehall. Petty justified that she doesn’t deserve to be in prison because of her mental illness. “They belong in all those places that Ronald Reagan closed – they belong in mental health institutions,” she said.

“From what you see from Lolly, she didn’t do anything. She doesn’t deserve prison. She deserves a hospital where she can get help,” Petty added.

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