Orange is the New Black Season 5 Release Date, Spoilers: Lolly Whitehall returns, plays crucial role in series

Orange is the New Black Season 5 release date Lolly Whitehill
Orange is the New Black Season 5 release date and spoilers revealed Lolly Whitehill return. The character might play a vital role in the new OITNB series.

Orange is the New Black Season 5 release date might still be unknown but it has been confirmed that Lolly Whitehall will surely return and play a crucial role. What could the OITNB fans expect from her?

The character has already played a vital role in season 4 wherein she saved Alex’s life through knocking out the prison guard who turned out to be an undercover assassin. She helped bury the body.

Later, she bonded with Healy who convinced her that the event was just all in her head. Variety mentioned that when the truth uncovered, Healy (Michael J. Harney) was forced to escort Lolly to a psychiatric prison.

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Lori Petty who played the role of Lolly said she has so much fun with the character. “It’s been so much fun in act four of my life to be attacked by 10-year-olds wanting selfies, it’s just hysterical. It’s so funny, to be part of a cultural touchstone right now. I’m really thankful,” she said.

She also told Variety about what she knew so far about Orange is the New Black Season 5, whether or not she’ll come back. “They’re still writing. I don’t know what’s up. They’ve got 100 characters to deal with,” Petty mentioned.

“It’d be my extreme joy to be back. I’m hoping that happens. They haven’t starting shooting yet, so I don’t know,” she added.

According to iDigitalTimes, Lolly’s future is unclear until now. Alex knew Lolly was not the one who’s responsible for the crime. Although Lolly is one of the accomplice, she didn’t commit the actual crime.

If there is a need to disclose the event, Lolly will surely return to Orange is the New Black Season 5. At least in the new season, she’ll be able to detail the event and receive help she needed from the beginning.

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The same source said that the character has already appeared in the previous seasons specifically in season 2 and three. Yet, she was only seen in some episodes.

She explained to Variety why she only has so few appearances in the previous seasons. She stated that circumstances didn’t allow. “I went to a producer and said, ‘I’d like to come back, what’s going on?’ They said, ‘We shot out of order.’ They shot the first episode last that season. I couldn’t come back until the next year.”

Photo courtesy: Facebook.com/OITNB

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