Orange is the New Black Season 5 Spoilers: Blanca Flores becomes Litchfield leader after Season 4, actress Laura Gomez confirmed

Orange is the New Black Season 5 spoilers on Blanca Flores life and fight against authorities
Latest Orange is the New Black Season 5 spoilers reveal Blanca Flores to lead Litchfield inmates while fighting Black Lives Movement against authorities.

Confirmed to arrive in 2017, Orange is the New Black Season 5 spoilers certainly assure unpredictable episodes to showcase on Netflix. Recently, actress Laura Gomez confirmed Blanca Flores becomes Litchfield leader.

The Dominican actress plays the role of a mentally unstable Blanca Flores. She is imprisoned in Litchfield in the most popular series Orange is the New Black.

In the fifth season, she confirms that her role creates an unexpected twist in connection from the cliff-hanger in Season 4. She said that the controversial Black Lives Moment saga continues in the fifth season as well.

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A hint of flexibility of each role in the series is anticipated, she revealed. The show runners cannot detail to the actors to how each role develops in future episodes.

Lori Petty said the same. In our previous report, she remained uncertain whether the producers as well as the writers will bring her back on set or not.

As such, Gomez told Paste Magazine that Blanca Flores turns out to be the next prospect to lead Litchfield inmates in the next season. She didn’t expect that to happen.

According to her, the inner strength for such leadership will be revealed through several oppressive flashbacks.

Moreover, her headship struggles with more battles between the inmates and the surrounding authorities.

During the fresh start of Orange is the New Black Season 5, it is expected to Blanca’s resistance against the bigoted employer and the prison’s racist guards. This creates a very political feel on the plot line.

Poussey’s death as well as Daya’s attempt to kill one of the prison guards clearly shows how the pressure is inside Litchfield.

The two belongs in a discriminating category(Poussey from a Black race and Daya’s Spanish background). That makes the remarkable finale in Season 4 brings new spice for the remaining inmates’ exodus.

Much of the oppressive battles between the prisoners and the authorities will be the focal point in Season 5. Thus, a predictable fight between these two contrasting societal roles is possible.

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Same thing for Blanca’s Spanish descent, her personal fight for her bloodline as well as other inmates from a non-Westerner root will become a priority. A battle for LGBT equality will be prevalent as well.

In summary, Laura Gomez’s revelation on Orange is the New Black Season 5 is a tremendous clue on what’s in-store for next set of episodes.

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