Orange is the New Black Season 5 Spoilers: Sam Healy confirmed return; His connection with Lolly unveiled in future episodes

Orange is the New Black Season 5 spoilers release date Sam Healy returns
Latest Orange is the New Black Season 5 spoilers reveal Sam Healy’s return in Litchfield. With his confirmed return, will Lolly Whitehill come back as well?

With Orange is the New Black Season 5 release date set in 2017, many fans are excited over how the next set of episodes will turn out after several cliffhangers in season 4. Recently, Michael Harney confirmed that Sam returns in the future episodes.

Michael Harney played the role of the Litchfield counselor for the mentally ill and depressed and a close friend to Lolly Whitehill in the series. However, the uncertainty of Lolly returning to Season 5 is still bothering fans.

Harney told Yahoo that the audience will certainly see him in Orange is the New Black Season 5. He also discussed how his character develops in the new season.

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According to his intriguing revelations, he cited that part of the episodes will be his life and his history even before he got in Litchfield as a counselor. It might also predict Lolly’s involvement is his life and explain his closeness with her.

Although he has no idea how the writers put his role exactly on paper, he is open to how they want Sam Healy’s character develop. He is also thrilled that they decided to stick to the idea of him being Litchfield’s counselor for prisoners with mental issues like Lolly.

He also discussed that embodying Healy’s character is a blessing since it requires extra responsibility to portray the part on screen. During the interview, Harney also mentioned that Sam Healy seemed to have done a professional mistake during the scene where Lolly saw a dead body in the garden.

Given the fact that Sam will return on Orange is the New Black Season 5, it might be possible Lolly comes back in the future episodes as well. They seem to be partners in the previous season.

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In fact, they have that special bond together which appears to be different from what he has with the other prisoners inside Litchfield. If these assumptions are true, then fans can surely anticipate Lori Petty’s stunning portrayal as Lolly on television once again.

In our previous report, the actress noted that she’s open for that option as long as the show runners desire it. She told Huffington Post about it.

Orange is the New Black Season 5 returns in 2017 on Netflix.

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