Otaku News: TV Asahi in collaboration with Synergy88, creating a Philippine-based anime better than Slam Dunk and Kuroko No Basket

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TV Asahi, the company behind the popular anime ‘Doraemon’,  is eyeing to make collaborations with Asian partners to create its first televised series specifically targeting the Philippines.

Japan is a manga and anime superpower. Japanese companies had been continuously exporting animes to different countries while enjoying the great success of the industry. In line with the changing environment, people become more interested watching anime that they can relate to.

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“People in fast-growing emerging economies have begun to look for familiar stories they can relate to,” said Takahiro Kishimoto of the international business department at TV Asahi, a unit of TV Asahi Holdings.

According to Nikkei, TV Asahi is working on its first televise series in the Phillippines. They will be collaborating with local animation and game developer, Synergy88 group. TV Asahi is expected to handle areas such as character designs while Synergy88 will be writing the scripts and undertakes productions.

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With this setup, the upcoming series will be preserving the quality of anime originally created in Japan. As the Japanese companies try to catch up, they will ensure the uniqueness of Japanese animes while absorbing the culture of foreign countries. On the same report, the series will be entitled “Barangay 143”, which will tell the story of high school basketball players in Manila when it begins airing in 2017.

Slam Dunk and Kuroko No Basket were one of the popular animes released in the Philippines with the same theme. As everyone knows, the Filipinos are considered one of the best basketball fans in the world. The upcoming anime series will be expected to be unique and exciting as the Filipinos have a great appreciation for the sports.


Japanese companies are not only targeting the Philippines but the whole Asian regions who have shown love and passion for the anime in the past years.

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Video courtesy: Youtube/Fox Sports Live

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