Outlander 3: How Sam Heughan fainted when he saw Caitriona Balfe

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Just in case you ha ven’t got enough of the Sam Heughan/Catriona Balfe or Jamie/Claire love story, whichever you prefer, here’s something for you. Claire must have been too much of a vision for Jamie that he fainted and Claire needed to revive him back to consciousness.

You heard that right. Claire was not the only one swooning over Jamie but the feeling is mutual as if that’s something new. This little scene will most probably be a part of the most talked about and most anticipated scenes for the third season of Outlander 3: the print shop scene.

Outlander fans would have known by now that the print shop is where Jamie and Claire will reunite again after being separated for almost twenty years. Jamie owns the print shop under his new assumed name, Alexander Malcolm.

When Claire appears at the print shop, Jamie’s back was facing the door so he didn’t see that it was Claire. When she softly whispered behind his back to introduce herself, Jamie quickly turned around as Claire walked towards him. She then touched his face and noticed that he had broken his nose. Realizing that he was not dreaming, Jamie paled and fainted as he was overwhelmed with the fact that Claire was standing in flesh and blood in front of him. Claire waited until Jamie came around from his fainting after which they cried and hugged each other. Then, Jamie asked if he could kiss her and they shared a slow, light kiss.

This was what transpired between the two in Diana Gabaldon’s book, ‘The Voyager,’ where the third season of Outlander was based upon. Thus, if the series will be true to its origin, fans will definitely see this funny but sweet scene in Outlander 3. When that happens, it would be worth the wait to see these two lovebirds we have grown to love over the years back in each other’s arms once again.

Photo Courtesy: Dominick D/Flickr

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