Outlander Sam Heughan revealed that he was accused of being a stalker

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What girl does not love Sam Heughan aka Jamie Fraser of the Outlander series? Any girl would love to trade places with Caitriona Balfe and become the object of his affection, even if it was just in the movies. But you would you believe that this hunk was accused of being a stalker?

When asked during an interview if he were dating someone at the moment, Sam Heughan did not answer but revealed this story when he was still a teenager. He said that someone once accused him of being a stalker. That was the time when he was not yet Jamie.

He said that he really liked a girl before. He wanted to show that his intentions are real so he placed a bottle of wine, glasses, and a bunch of flowers at her doorsteps. However, the girl did not return his affection and the next day, he received a call warning him to stop stalking the girl. Whoever that unfortunate girl was might be kicking herself for not accepting him.

Meanwhile, Outlander has added more cast to Season 3. The latest to join the Outlander cast were Hannah James and Tanya Reynolds who will be taking the roles of the Dunsany sisters. James will play the beautiful yet spoiled and difficult Geneva while Reynolds will give life to the plain looking but popular Isobel. The two will provide additional twists to the story which is becoming more and more complicated and emotional. One of the sisters will have a connection with Sam Heughan’s Jamie Fraser.

Outlander 3 will be mostly based on Diana Gabaldon’s “Voyager” which focuses on Jamie and Claire’s travel to America along with Young Jamie (Conor McCarry) and Young Ian (John Bell). Young Jamie is one of Jenny Fraser (Laura Donnelly) and Ian Murray (Steven Cree).

Outlander Season 3 is directed by Robert Moore and will premiere on Starz in 2017.

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